The Syntactic Variation of Spanish Dialects

ISBN : 9780190634803

Angel J. Gallego
400 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
May 2018
Oxford Studies in Comparative Syntax
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This book offers a comprehensive overview of the syntactic variation of Spanish dialects, opening new avenues of theoretical and empirical discussion. The volume focuses on both European and American varieties of Spanish, addressing several syntactic constructions and phenomena.


I. European Spanish; 1. Differential Object Marking and clitic dubspecification in Catalonian Spanish; Francisco Ordonez and Francesc Roca; 2. Mass / count distinctions in Ibero-Romance dialects; Ines Fernandez-Ordonez; 3. Empty Categories and Clitics; Juan Romero; 4. Dialectal variation in clitic placement in Andalusian and Asturian Spanish negative infinitival imperatives; Julio Villa-Garcia ; 5. Polarity questions with fronted foci in the Spanish of the Basque Country; Aritz Irurtzun; 6. Causativity in Southern Peninsular Spanish; Angel Jimenez-Fernandez and Mercedes Tubino-Blanco; II. American Spanish; 7. Citic doubling in a doubling world. The case of Argentinean Spanish reconsidered; Angela Di Tullio, Andres Saab, and Pablo Zdrojewski; 8. Syntactic phenomena in Peruvian Spanish; Miguel Rodriguez-Mondonedo ; 9. Contrastive focus in Yucatecan Spanish; Rodrigo Gutierrez-Bravo, Carlos Martin Sobrino, and Melanie Uth; 10. Caribbean Spanish and theoretical syntax. An overview.; Ignacio Bosque and Jose M. Brucart; 11. On left-peripheral expletives in Central Colombian Spanish; Jose Camacho; 12. Reportative que in Mexican Spanish; Esthela Trevino ; Subject Index; Language Index

About the author: 

Angel J. Gallego is Professor Agregat at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, a member of the Centre de Linguistica Teorica, and an ICREA Academia researcher. His research focuses on areas of theoretical syntax and linguistic variation, and Romance languages.

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