Integrative Geriatric Medicine

ISBN : 9780190466268

Mikhail Kogan; Dr. Andrew Weil
632 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Dec 2017
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Integrative geriatrics is a new field of medicine that advocates for a whole-person, patient-centered, primarily non-pharmacological approach to medical care of the elderly. Most current geriatric practices overprescribe medications and procedures and underutilize non-pharmacological, low-cost, high-touch methods. Patients, however, often show reluctance towards these standard practices, as the interventions they rely upon are often invasive. The practice of integrative geriatrics is rooted in lifestyle interventions, such as nutrition, movement therapies, and mind-body and spirituality approaches, that allow patients to have different path to their healthcare-one that utilizes pharmaceuticals and invasive procedures only when safer integrative approaches are not available or not effective.

This first definitive textbook of this new field presents detailed, evidence-based information for all healthcare providers and advocates who work with the geriatric population. It is intended not only for providers in outpatient settings, but also for those who work in nursing homes, assisted and independent living facilities, and senior community centers. In addition, Integrative Geriatric Medicine will provide valuable information for leaders and politicians who are involved with implementing policies and procedures for care of elderly patients looking for safer, less costly, and more patient-centered approaches.


1 Mikhail Kogan and Kyle Meehan: Introduction; 2 Julie Wendt, Anna Rotkiewicz, and Alice Berg: Geriatric Nutrition; 3 Joseph P. Cleaver, Alice Schmidt Kehaya, and Mikhael Kogan: Exercise, Frailty and Functional Reserve: Concepts and Optimization; 4 Ronak Mehta, Mariatu Koroma-Nelson, Elizabeth Mackenzie , and Birgit Rakel: Preventative Geriatrics; 5 Angela Gabriel and Tiffany C. Hoyt: Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); 6 Ilana Seidel: Manual and Movement Therapies; 7 Luann Jacobs, Mary Kendell, and Yael Flushberg: Energy Modalities and Aromatherapy; 8 Deirdre Orceyre and Meredith Bull: Naturopathic Medicine; 9 Christina M. Puchalski and Patricia A. Bloom: Spirituality and Mind-Body Medicine in Geriatrics; 10 George Munoz and Mikhail Kogan: Men's Health; 11 Mary Kendell and Margie Wentzel: Women's Health; 12 Marc Brodsky and Ann E. Hasen: Pain; 13 Mara Caroline, Ryan Bradley, and Mimi Guarneri: Cardiovascular Disease; 14 James Yang: Endocrine disorders: Integrative treatments of hypothyroidism, diabetes, and adrenal dysfunction; 15 Angela J. Shepherd and Juliet M. McKee: Integrative Osteoporosis; 16 Victor Sierpina, Karen Welch, Dimple Desai, and Anna Rotkiewicz: The Healthy Gut in Older Adults; 17 Christina Prather, Mariatu Koroma-Nelson, and Mikhail Kogan: Common Geriatric Infections; 18 Seema Rao: Integrated Approaches to Treating Lung Diseases in the Geriatric Population; 19 Ronald Glick, Marie Anne Gebara, and Eric Lenze: Integrative Geriatric Psychiatry; 20 Aviva Ellenstein, Christina Prather, and Mikhail Kogan: Neurodegenerative Diseases: Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Diseases; 21 Amy Littlefield, Deirdre Orceyre, and Stephanie Cheng: Integrative Oncology; 22 Nisha Manek and George Munoz: Common Rheumatic Diseases in the Elderly; 23 Anca Dinescu and Mikhail Kogan: Falls; 24 Ilana Seidel and Justin Sevier: Skin, Vision, and Hearing; 25 Deirdre Orceyre, Ronak Mehta, and Mikhail Kogan: Functional Laboratory Studies; 26 Robert L. Jayes and Robert M. Kaiser: Primary Care for Homebound Patients; 27 Elizabeth L. Cobbs, Amanda Hull, and Alyssa Adams: Person-Directed Health Care across the Life Span: The Veterans Affairs Health Care System; 28 Tahira I. Lodhi and Tania Alchalabi: Long-Term Residential Care; 29 Beverly Lundsford and Terry A. Mikovich: Inter-Disciplinary Team-based Care; 30 Katalin Roth: Bioethical Issues in Integrative Geriatrics; 31 Angela Lee, Stephanie Cheng, and Dale Lupu: Integrative Palliative Care; 32 Michelle Sierpina and Beverly Lunsford: Positive Aging

About the author: 

Dr. Kogan obtained medical degree from Drexel University College of Medicine. Subsequently he competed internal medicine residency at Montefiore Program for Social Medicine and fellowship in Geriatrics at George Washington University, where he remained on faculty. At present Dr. Kogan serves as Medical Director at GW Center for Integrative Medicine and Associate Director of Geriatric Fellowship at GW University. In addition to being boarded in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, and Palliative Medicine Dr. Kogan is a founding board member of American Board of Integrative Medicine.

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