Cognitive Enhancement in CNS Disorders and Beyond

ISBN : 9780190214401

Richard S.E. Keefe; Avi Reichenberg; Jeffrey Cummings
448 Pages
178 x 254 mm
Pub date
Nov 2017
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Cognitive Enhancement in CNS Disorders and Beyond compiles a series of educational and thought-provoking chapters from the world's leading cognitive and clinical scientists to describe the latest research on cognitive impairments in a host of pathological conditions that affect CNS functioning, what treatments are available for these impairments, and how new treatments are being tested. This volume will benefit any investigators in cognitive science and clinical research, but is also accessible to non-experts. It advances the field toward the availability of cognitive enhancing drugs and devices that will benefit those who need them most and others who may feel that these techniques can help them to thrive. There has never been a time that we knew more about cognition and never a time when cognition was more important to the functioning of human beings than right now. Psychological science and cognitive neuroscience have become the most popular endeavor of students world wide, is the focus of attention of our greatest scientific accomplishments and the emphasis of many publications in the mainstream media. Since humans depend on cognitive abilities for survival, quality of life, and productivity, improving it has never been more important. Those with impairments in key aspects of cognition suffer dearly, as they are unable to obtain and retain information, unable to make sound decisions based upon the information at hand, and unable to plan future activities. The availability of pharmacological and behavioral interventions that can improve cognitive abilities and provide impaired individuals with the social, occupational and functional quality of life that the rest of us enjoy has potential far-reaching implications. Such interventions can also benefit those who want to boost current cognitive abilities to higher levels, perhaps as a means to hone skills in providing products for others or to gain an edge on competition. There has never been a book devoted solely to describing the latest cognitive science and neuroscience on the methods for enhancing cognition in healthy and unhealthy humans. Cognitive Enhancement in CNS Disorders and Beyond accomplishes exactly that in a straightforward and accessible manner.


Foreword; Contributors; 1. Promise and Challenges in Drug Development and Assessment for Cognitive Enhancers; Jeffrey Cummings and Kate Zhong ; 2. The Neuroscience of Cognition and Cognitive Enhancing Compounds; Amy F.T. Arnsten, Min J. Wang, and Constantinos D. Paspalas; 3. Cognitive Enhancers for Alzheimer's Disease; Po-Heng Tsai; 4. Cognitive Enhancement in Non-Alzheimer Dementias; Babak Tousi; 5. Cognitive Interventions in Parkinson's Disease; Sarah Banks; 6. Cognitive Enhancement in Traumatic Brain Injury; Tessa Hart; 7. Cognitive Enhancement in Epilepsy; Beth A. Leeman-Markowsky and Kimford J. Meador; 8. Cognitive Enhancement at the Mild Cognitive Impairment Stage of Alzheimer's Disease; Zara Melikyan, Heather Romero, and Kathleen A. Welsh-Bohmer; 9. Cognitive Enhancement in Schizophrenia; James Gilleen; 10. Cognitive Enhancement in Major Depressive Disorder; Andre F. Carvalho, Gilberto S. Alves, Cristiano A. Kohler, and Roger S. McIntyre; 11. Cognitive Enhancement in Bipolar Disorder; Katie Mahon, Manuela Russo, M. Mercedes Perez-Rodriguez; 12. Autism, ADHD, and Cognitive Enhancement; Iulia Dud, Louise Brennan, and Dene Robertson; 13. Targeted Treatment for Cognitive Impairment Associated with Cancer and Cancer Treatment; Shelli R. Kesler and Jeffrey S. Wefel; 14. Current Progress and Future Potential in the Evaluation and Treatment of Age-Related Cognitive Declines; Keith A. Wesnes and Helen J. Brooker; 15. Ethical Considerations in Cognitive Enhancement: Clinical Responsibilities and Duties; Jalayne J. Arias, Bryan Kibbe, and Paul J. Ford; 16. Regulatory Issues in Cognitive Enhancement; Nicholas Kozauer and Karl Broich

About the author: 

Richard Keefe: Professor; Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Division of Medical Psychology, School of Medicine, Duke University Avi Reichenberg: Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Preventive Medicine, Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY Jeffrey Cummings: Professor of Neurology, Cleveland Clinic

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