Development Microeconomics

ISBN : 9780198773719

Pranab Bardhan; Christopher Udry
252 Pages
157 x 234 mm
Pub date
May 1999
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Traditional development economics has recently been revolutionized by the application of new economic tools and concepts. Development Microeconomics is the first in a series of books which will look at the entire spectrum of development economics issues, combining the strengths of conventional developmental thought with the insights of contemporary mainstream economics. The main new conceptual tool used is the application of the theory of imperfect information and the effects this has on the the behaviour of economic agents. This helps to explain why perfect competition models rarely have success when dealing with developing economies. The authors also stress the necessity of balance in dealing with many of the classic problems in development studiesthe importance of both the individual as economic agent and cultural norms as the framework of social behaviour; the dual relationship between equity and efficiency in economic policy-making; the importance of market rivalry and the potential of market breakdown. Designed specifically for graduate students, this book analyses the key microeconomic problems facing the very poorest sectors of developing economies. It utilises simple theoretical models, and is presented in a compact and analytical form. High technical sophistication is avoided, and the only pre-requisite is some familiarity with the tools of general microecomic theory at a first-year graduate or advanced undergraduate level.


Household Economics
Fragmented Markets: Labour
Rural Land Market
Fragmented Credit Markets
Risk and Insurance in an Agricultural Economy
Interlinkage of Transactions and Rural Development
Human Capital and Income Distribution
Poverty Alleviation: Efficiency and Equity Issues
Technological Progress and Learning
Environment and Development
Trade and Development
The Dual Economy
Intersectoral Complementarities and Coordination Failures
Instiutional Economics and the State in Economic Development

About the author: 

Pranab Bardhan is currently Professor of Economics at the University of California at Berkeley. He has previously been Professor of Economics at the Delhi School of Economics and at the Indian Statistical Institute in New Delhi. Christopher Udry is Professor of Economics at the the Economic Growth Center in Yale University.

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