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The Practice of Socialist Internationalism: European Socialists and International Politics, 1914-1960

ISBN : 9780199641048

Talbot Imlay
512 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Dec 2017
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The Practice of Socialist Internationalism examines the efforts of the British, French, and German socialist parties to cooperate with one another on concrete international issues. Drawing on archival research from twelve countries, it spans the years from the First World War to the early 1960s, paying particular attention to the two post-war periods, during which national and international politics were recast. In addition to highlighting a neglected dimension of twentieth-century European socialism, the volume provides novel perspectives on the history of internationalism and the history of international politics. By practicing internationalism, European socialists sought to forge a new practice of international relations, one that would emerge from their collective efforts to work out 'socialist' approaches to pressing issues of international politics such as post-war reconstruction, European integration, and decolonization.


Introduction: The Practice of Socialist Internationalism
1 International Socialism at War, 1914-1918
2 Reconstituting the International, 1918-1923
3 European Socialists and the International Order, 1918-1925
4 The Quest for Disarmament, 1925-1933
5 European Socialists and Empire between the Wars
Entr'acte: Socialist Internationalism during the 1930s
6 Reconstituting the International, 1940-1951
7 Constructing Europe, 1945-1960
8 The Cold War and European Security, 1950-1960
9 The Stakes of Decolonization, 1945-1960

About the author: 

Talbot Imlay teaches in the history department at the Universite Laval in Quebec, Canada. He is the author of Facing the Second World War: Strategy, Politics, and Economics in Britain and France 1938-1940 (2003) and co-editor with Monica Duffy Toft of Fog of Peace and War Planning (2006). With Martin Horn he has just finished a book entitled The Politics of Industrial Collaboration: Ford France, Vichy and Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

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