The Oxford Handbook of Music Therapy

ISBN : 9780198817147

Jane Edwards
1008 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Oct 2017
Oxford Library of Psychology
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Music therapy is growing internationally to be one of the leading evidence-based psychosocial allied health professions, meeting needs right across the lifespan. Music therapy is a relational therapy in which the therapist and client collaborate to discover how music can be used to strengthen positive relating skills, attending to the client's immediate and longer term needs through assessment, treatment planning, implementation, and evaluation of a music therapy programme. Music therapy is based upon the capacity of music provided by a trained and qualified practitioner to support, integrate, and heal trauma, pain, psychological distress, and to develop and extend the existing capacities of the client.

In the Oxford Handbook of Music Therapy, international leaders in the field from 10 countries have contributed their expertise to showcase contemporary music therapy. They share knowledgable perspectives from multiple models of music therapy that have developed throughout the world, including Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, The Field of Play, Community Music Therapy, and Resource Oriented Music Therapy. There is extensive information provided as to how music therapists practice and with whom, as well as the techniques used in music therapy individually and in groups, the research basis for the work, and professional and training issues in the field.

The book is clearly laid out in five sections; contexts and populations, models and approaches, methods and techniques, research methods, and training and professional issues. Course materials can be structured around the book, or the book can be used as a starting point for students' learning about a model or population. Music therapy students will enjoy the clear descriptions of practice, the clinical vignettes, and the helpful pointers and tips for developing placement work.

Unequalled in depth and breadth, this landmark publication is an essential resource for those starting out in Music Therapy, as well as for experienced practitioners.


Section One: Music therapy contexts and populations across the lifespan
1 Helen Shoemark and Trish Dearn: Music therapy in the medical care of infants
2 Jane Edwards and Jeanette Kennelly: Music therapy for hospitalised children
3 Philippa Reid: Music therapy for children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer
4 John Mondanaro and Joanne Loewy: Music therapy with adolescents in medical settings
5 Clare O'Callaghan and Natasha Michael: Music therapy with adult cancer patients and their families
6 Amelia Oldfield: Family approaches in music therapy practice with young children
7 Jane Edwards and Vicky Abad: Music therapy and parent-infant programmes
8 Tommy Hayes: Music therapy in the context of the special school
9 Cochavit Elefant: Music therapy and Rett syndrome
10 Heidi Ahonen: Adult Trauma Work in Music Therapy
11 Sandra L. Curtis: Music therapy for women who have experienced domestic violence
12 Triona McCaffrey: Music therapy in mental health care for adults
13 Helen Loth: Music Therapy with People who have Eating Disorders
14 Helen Odell-Miller: Music Therapy for people with a diagnosis of personality disorder: Considerations of thinking and feeling
15 Tessa Watson: The world is alive! Music therapy with adults with learning disabilities
16 Kate E. Gfeller: Music Therapy for Children and Adults who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
17 Simon Gilbertson: Music Therapy and Traumatic Brain Injury
18 A.A Clair: Music Therapy for People who have Alzheimer's Disease
19 Clare O' Callaghan and Natasha Michael: Music therapy in Grief and Mourning
Section Two: Approaches and models of music therapy
20 Jane Edwards: Approaches and models of music therapy
21 Susan Hadley and Nicole Hahna: Feminist Perspectives in Music Therapy
22 Susanne Metzner: Psychodynamic Music Therapy
23 Carolyn Kenny: The Field of Play: A Focus on Energy and the Ecology of Being and Playing
24 Nina Guerrero, David Marcus, and Alan Turry: Poised in the Creative Now: Principles of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy
25 Colin Andrew Lee: Aesthetic Music Therapy
26 Brynjulf Stige: Culture-Centred Music Therapy
27 Randi Rolsvjord: Resource-Oriented Perspectives in Music Therapy
28 Jane Edwards and Jason Noone: Developmental Music Therapy
29 Gary Ansdell and Bynjulf Stige: Community Music Therapy
30 Diane Austin: Vocal psychotherapy
Section Three: Music Therapy Methods
31 Jane Edwards: Methods and techniques
32 Trygve Aasgaard and Stine C. Blichfeldt AEro: Song writing techniques in music therapy practice
33 Mercedes Pavilicevic: Group music therapy reconsidered: Of Musics, Contexts, and Discourses
34 Denise Grocke: Receptive Music Therapy
Section Four: Music Therapy Research
35 Jane Edwards: Music therapy research: Context, methodology, and current and future developments
36 Barbara Wheeler: Music therapy research: An overview
37 Barbara Daveson: Charting the terrain of grounded theory research in music therapy: where we've been and where we have the potential to go
38 Claire Ghetti: Phenomenological Research in Music Therapy
39 Sheri Robb and Dr Deb Burns: Randomized Controlled Trials in Music Therapy
40 Jaakko Erkkila: Mixed Methods Research in Music Therapy
41 Cynthia M. Colwell: Researching Music therapy in Medical Settings
Section Five: Music therapy training and professional issues
42 Jane Edwards: Training, education, and professional issues in music therapy
43 Suzanne Hanser: Music therapy training requirements
44 Elaine Streeter: Fostering Experiential Learning with a Focus on Training Groups
45 Alison Ledger: Developing new posts in music therapy
46 Karen Twyford: Collaborating: A Role for Music Therapy within Interprofessional Teams and Beyond
47 Monika Nocker-Ribaupierre: Recognition of Music Therapy in Europe
48 Gro Trondalen: Self-care in Music Therapy: The art of balancing

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