Teaching with Vitality: Pathways to Health and Wellness for Teachers and Schools

ISBN : 9780190673987

Peggy D. Bennett
232 Pages
127 x 178 mm
Pub date
Dec 2017
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Perhaps more than any other experience, conflict in schools and workplaces can zap our energy and steal our vigor as teachers. If we knew ways to minimize conflict and maximize vitality, would we use them? Teaching with Vitality offers specific behaviors and attitudes to reframe conflict by diluting and dissolving it. Organized into brief topics for busy readers, Teaching with Vitality combines common experiences and practical options for lessening the turmoil that is inevitable in schools. As beneficent stewards of our children, educators are priceless contributors to the quality of our lives. The main goal of Teaching with Vitality is to elevate teachers in their day-to-day lives by deconstructing the major and minor conflicts that sap their peace and dampen their power. School wellness is contagious. And, this book aims to offer daily pathways to health, wellness, and vigor.


1. The Gift of Teaching
2. Rethinking Student Success
3. A Metaphor for Teaching
4. Attaching to the Outcome
5. Behaving Respect
6. Ten Minute Makeover
7. Praise in the Classroom
8. Real Moments
9. I Is Just I
10. Accepting Change
11. Assertiveness as Necessity
12. Assertiveness Level 1
13. Assertiveness Level 2
14. Assertiveness Level 3
15. Assertiveness Level 4
16. Assertiveness Level 5
17. Honor in Being Honest
18. Facing Fear
19. Valuing Your Voice
20. Teachers Creed
21. Profanity
22. Embracing Mistakes in Learning
23. Administrator Appreciation
24. Misbehavior & Behavior
25. Eye Expressions
26. Acknowledging Boundaries
27. Cooperation in the Classroom
28. Cleaning the Clutter
29. Stay You
30. Five Questions
31. Feedback that Feeds
32. Personality Preferences
33. Virtue of Listening
34. Musicality in Every Subject
35. Conflict Happens
36. Freezing Images
37. The Toll of Disruptions
38. Hurting in Schools
39. My Word!
40. Context Effect
41. Leave It
42. Teachers Being Friendly
43. Self Talk
44. Just Breathe
45. Being Liked
46. Downshifting
47. Confidentiality
48. Art of Reprimand
49. Pitfalls of Assuming
50. Time to Beware
51. Two Word Cues
52. Rankism in Schools
53. Students Being Friends
54. Ambiance of Singing
55. Neutral Responsiveness
56. Converting Stress to Pressure
57. Privacy
58. Wisdom of Delay
59. Sensory Thresholds
60. Teacher as Entertainer
61. Valuing the Volley
62. Cultivating Curiosity
63. Aspire to Excel
64. Someone Loves Them
65. Problem Solving
66. Allowing Upset
67. I Could Be Wrong
68. Take Your Best Self to School
69. Defining Trust
70. Jumping to Conclusions
71. Resilience
72. Beware of Experts
73. Being a Responsive Professional
74. Teacher Friendships
75. Compassion & Happiness
76. Contagion of Behavior
77. Aim for Understanding
78. Persevere
79. Principles of Teaching and Learning
80. Introverts & Extroverts
81. A Practice of Playfulness
82. Competition in the Classroom
83. Annoyance Anomaly
84. Being a Beneficent Observer
85. Gumption, Grit & Gaiety
86. When We Are What We Do
87. Interpreting Behavior
88. On Second Thought
89. Compassion Fatigue
90. Catastrophizing
91. Moments of Grace
92. Positional & Personal Power
93. Look for the Charm
94. Civility
95. Bounce
96. Paranoia Pandemic
97. Be Impeccable with Your Word
98. Don't Make Assumptions
99. Don't Take Anything Personally
100. Always Do Your Best
101. Peaceful, Powerful You!

About the author: 

Professor Emerita of Music Education at Oberlin Conservatory, Peggy D. Bennett has spent over 40 years studying the processes of learning and living. Certifications in teaching, mediation, and life-coaching further stimulated interest in how we can, day-by-day, make choices that contribute to wellness for educators, students, parents, administrators, and staff. Author and co-author of 6 books and over 50 pedagogical and research articles, Dr. Bennett has presented her unique brand of teacher education in nearly every state and four continents.

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