Modeling Public Health and Healthcare Systems

ISBN : 9780190667924

Sanjay Basu
208 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Dec 2017
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A toolkit for experts and non-experts to harness the analytic power of healthcare modeling

From federal reforms to hospital management, the road to better and more cost-effective healthcare is paved with difficult questions: How do we reduce wait times? How can we prevent as many deaths as possible with a limited budget? How many vaccines should we order for this emerging epidemic? How we reduce social disparities in diabetes rates?

Modeling techniques provide answers to these tough questions. In MODELING PUBLIC HEALTH AND HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS, Sanjay Basu helps readers (including readers from non-quantitative backgrounds) understand and apply modeling methods to improve outcomes and efficiency in healthcare and public health. Using real-world examples from non-governmental organizations, departments of public health, and international health agencies, Basu establishes the theory behind each modeling method, then instills practical skills for their application.

Covering both technical requirements and the most useful modeling methods used today in public health and healthcare, MODELING IN PUBLIC HEALTH AND HEALTHCARE is a vital and accessible toolkit for understanding and effecting change in 21st century healthcare and public health.


1. Fundamentals
2. Value
3. Optimization
4. Waiting lines and waiting times
5. Modeling health interventions
6. Practicing techniques in context: Examples from famine management
7. Modeling in R
8. Microsimulation
9. Modeling large-scale epidemics
10. Complexities of epidemic modeling
11. Good modeling practices

About the author: 

Sanjay Basu, MD, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Medicine at Stanford University. He is a practicing primary care physician and epidemiologist. He received his undergraduate education at MIT, was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, and completed his MD and PhD at Yale University. He previously worked at Partners in Health and Oxfam GB, then co-founded the organization Possible Health. He currently serves on advisory panels for the Columbia University GRAPH Center, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization.

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