Breast Imaging

ISBN : 9780190270261

Christoph I. Lee ; Constance D. Lehman ; Lawrence W. Bassett
536 Pages
216 x 279 mm
Pub date
Dec 2017
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Breast Imaging presents a comprehensive review of the subject matter commonly encountered by practicing radiologists and radiology residents in training. This volume includes succinct overviews of breast cancer epidemiology, screening, staging, and treatment; overviews of all imaging modalities including mammography, tomosynthesis, ultrasound, and MRI; step-by-step approaches for image-guided breast interventions; and high-yield chapters organized by specific imaging finding seen on mammography, tomosynthesis, ultrasound, and MRI.

Part of the Rotations in Radiology series, this book offers a guided approach to breast imaging interpretation and techniques, highlighting the nuances necessary to arrive at the best diagnosis and management. Each chapter contains a targeted discussion of an imaging finding which reviews the anatomy and physiology, distinguishing features, imaging techniques, differential diagnosis, clinical issues, key points, and further reading. Breast Imaging is a must-read for residents and practicing radiologists seeking a foundation for the essential knowledge base in breast imaging.


Section I. Breast Cancer Overview
1. Breast Cancer Epidemiology
2. Breast Cancer Screening: Evidence and Recommendations
3. Normal Breast Anatomy and Histology
4. Proliferative Lesions and Breast Cancer Histopathology
5. Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS)
6. An Overview of Digital Mammography Technology and MQSA Requirements
7. Overview of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
8. Breast Ultrasound Overview
9. Breast MRI Overview
10. Breast Cancer Metastatic Imaging
11. Emerging Breast Imaging Technologies
12. Breast Cancer Staging and Treatment
Section II. Asymmetry, Mass, Distortion
13. One-View Asymmetry
14. Two-View Asymmetry
15. Circumscribed Mass: Fibroadenoma
16. Circumscribed Mass: Cyst, Complicated Cyst, Clustered Microcysts
17. Circumscribed Mass: Intramammary lymph node
18. Circumscribed Mass: Invasive Cancer
19. Multiple Circumscribed Masses
20. Fat-Containing, Circumscribed Mass(es)
21. Large Circumscribed Mass in Young Female
22. Microlobulated Mass
23. Obscured Mass
24. Mass with Indistinct Margins
25. Spiculated Masses
26. Multiple Irregular Masses
27. Mass in Lactating Female
28. Mass in Male (Gynecomastia, Cancer)
29. Architectural Distortion (Cancer)
30. Architectural Distortion (Radial Scar)
31. Non-Mass Enhancement on MRI
32. Enhancing Mass on MRI
Section III. Calcifications
33. Dystrophic Calcifications
34. Vascular Calcifications
35. Milk of Calcium
36. Secretory Calcifications
37. Round and Punctate Calcifications
38. Coarse Heterogeneous Calcifications
39. Amorphous/Indistinct Calcifications (Group)
40. Amorphous/Indistinct Calcifications (Regional/Diffuse)
41. Fine, Linear/Branching Calcifications
42. Pleomorphic Calcifications
Section IV. Nipple, Skin, Lymph Nodes
43. Duct Ectasia
44. Nipple Discharge
45. Nipple Abnormalities
46. Intracystic/Intraductal Mass
47. Complex Cystic and Solid Mass
48. Skin and Trabecular Thickening
49. Skin Calcifications
50. Skin Lesions
51. Lymphadenopathy
52. Thrombophlebitis (Mondor Disease)
Section V. Intervention and Surgical Change
53. Cyst/Abscess Aspiration
54. Ductography
55. Stereotacic Core Biopsy
56. Ultrasound-Guided Core Biopsy
57. MRI-Guided Core Biopsy
58. Radiology-Pathology Correlation
59. Pre-Operative Localization
60. Breast Implants
61. Reduction Mammoplasty
62. Post-Lumpectomy/Post-Radiation Breast
63. Post-Reconstruction Breast

About the author: 

Christoph I. Lee is an Associate Professor of Radiology and Adjunct Associate Professor of Health Services at University of Washington School of Medicine. Constance D. Lehman is a Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School and Chief of Breast Imaging in the Department of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital. Lawrence W. Bassett is a Professor of Radiology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

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