The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming

ISBN : 9780198815532

Carole Hough
810 Pages
170 x 244 mm
Pub date
Nov 2017
Oxford Handbooks
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In this handbook, scholars from around the world offer an up-to-date account of the state of the art in different areas of onomastics, in a format that is both useful to specialists in related fields and accessible to the general reader. Since Ancient Greece, names have been regarded as central to the study of language, and this has continued to be a major theme of both philosophical and linguistic enquiry throughout the history of Western thought. The investigation of name origins is more recent, as is the study of names in literature. Relatively new is the study of names in society, which draws on techniques from sociolinguistics and has gradually been gathering momentum over the last few decades.

The structure of this volume reflects the emergence of the main branches of name studies, in roughly chronological order. The first Part focuses on name theory and outlines key issues about the role of names in language, focusing on grammar, meaning, and discourse. Parts II and III deal with the study of place-names and personal names respectively, while Part IV outlines contrasting approaches to the study of names in literature, with case studies from different languages and time periods. Part V explores the field of socio-onomastics, with chapters relating to the names of people, places, and commercial products. Part VI then examines the interdisciplinary nature of name studies, before the concluding Part presents a selection of animate and inanimate referents ranging from aircraft to animals, and explains the naming strategies adopted for them.


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List of Contributors
1 Carole Hough: Introduction

Part I: Onomastic Theory
2 Willy Van Langendonck and Mark Van De Velde: Names and Grammar
3 Staffan Nystrom: Names and Meaning
4 Elwys De Stefani: Names and Discourse

Part II: Toponomastics
5 Simon Taylor: Methodologies in Place-name Research
6 Carole Hough: Settlement Names
7 Svante Strandberg: River Names
8 Peter Drummond: Hill and Mountain Names
9 Peder Gammeltoft: Island Names
10 Julia Kuhn: Rural Names
11 Bertie Neethling: Street Names: A Changing Urban Landscape
12 Stefan Brink: Transferred Names and Analogy in Name-formation

Part III: Anthroponomastics
13 Edwin D. Lawson: Personal Naming Systems
14 Katharina Leibring: Given Names in European Naming Systems
15 Patrick Hanks and Harry Parkin: Family Names
16 Eva BryllaDR: Bynames and Nicknames
17 Adrian Koopman: Ethnonyms
18 Ellen S. Bramwell: Personal Names and Anthropology
19 George Redmonds: Personal Names and Genealogy

Part IV: Literary Onomastics
20 Grant W. Smith: Theoretical Foundations of Literary Onomastics
21 Bertie Neethling: Names in Songs: A Comparative Analysis of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire and Christopher Torr's Hot Gates
22 Birgit Falck-Kjallquist: Genre-based Approaches to Names in Literature
23 Karina van Dalen-Oskam: Corpus-based Approaches to Names in Literature
24 Paul Cavill: Language-based Approaches to Names in Literature

Part V: Socio-onomastics
25 Terhi Ainiala: Names in Society
26 Emilia Aldrin: Names and Identity
27 Guy Puzey: Linguistic Landscapes
28 Laura Kostanski: Toponymic Attachment
29 Irma Taavitsainen and Andreas H. Jucker: Forms of Address
30 Katarzyna Aleksiejuk: Pseudonyms
31 Paula Sjoblom: Commercial Names

Part VI: Onomastics and Other Disciplines
32 Richard Jones: Names and Archaeology
33 Serge Bredart: Names and Cognitive Psychology
34 Margaret Scott: Names and Dialectology
35 Peder Gammeltoft: Names and Geography
36 Gillian Fellows-Jensen: Names and History
37 Richard Coates: Names and Historical Linguistics
38 Berit Sandnes: Names and Language Contact
39 Andreas Teutsch: Names and Law
40 Alison Grant: Names and Lexicography
41 Kay Muhr: Place-names and Religion: A Study of Early Christian Ireland

Part VII: Other Types of Names
42 Guy Puzey: Aircraft Names
43 Katharina Leibring: Animal Names
44 Marc Alexander: Astronomical Names
45 Adrian Koopman: Names of Dwellings
46 Richard Coates: Railway Locomotive Names and Train Names
47 Malcolm Jones: Ship Names

Subject Index
Index of Languages

About the author: 

Carole Hough is Professor of Onomastics at the University of Glasgow, where she has lectured for nearly 20 years. She is a historical linguist with particular interests in the development of the English language and the role of name evidence. She has published extensively on name studies and other topics and is currently President of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists, Vice-President of the Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland, and a Council Member of the English Place-Name Society.

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