Strategy, HRM, and Performance: A Contextual Approach (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780198808596

Jaap Paauwe; Elaine Farndale
256 Pages
189 x 246 mm
Pub date
Nov 2017
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The book expounds the macro-level relationship between strategy, HRM, and performance, addressing important challenges that have constrained research and practice to date. Adopting a critical perspective, the first challenge is a narrow definition of 'performance' that has been largely driven by a managerialist, profit motive, with little regard for the human element. This book proposes adopting a more balanced approach towards measuring performance, encompassing both organizational financial performance as well as employee well-being. The second challenge is that HRM has largely been considered a universalistic phenomenon, rather than needing to be understood in the context in which an organization is operating. The book puts forward the argument for a more context-centric perspective, culminating in the development of the Contextual Strategic Human Resource Management Framework. The book emphasizes the importance of strategy, alignment, context, the role of actors, and a holistic conceptualisation of performance. Embedded in all chapters is a focus on achieving an appropriate balance between options, rather than providing a universalistic solution to all human resource management challenges.


1 Introduction
2 HRM and Strategy
3 The More Fits the Better
4 Human Resource Management in Context: An Institutional Perspective
5 HRM and Performance: Achievements and Challenges
6 The Contextual SHRM Framework
7 The Contextual SHRM Framework in Practice
8 Sector Level Application of the Contextual SHRM Model
9 International HRM Perspectives on High-Performing Multinational Corporations
10 HR Profession Roles and Performance
11 Human Resource Delivery and Metrics
12 Reflections for the Future

About the author: 

Professor Jaap Paauwe is Professor of Human Resource Studies at Tilburg University, the Netherlands and Director of the People Management Centre. He has written and co-authored books on human resource management and published many articles in international refereed journals. In 2005 he joined Cornell University (USA) as a visiting fellow. In 2005 he received the Dutch HRM network Award for his book on HRM and Performance: Achieving Long Term Viability (OUP, June 2004). In 2012 he was listed 15th in the top 20 of most influential international thinkers in HR by the UK HR Magazine professional journal. Recently he edited together with David Guest and Patrick Wright the book: HRM and Performance: Achievements and Challenges (Wiley, 2013) with an overview of what has been achieved in this area in the past 15-20 years and what challenges are still lying ahead; Elaine Farndale is Associate Professor in Human Resource Management at the School of Labor and Employment Relations, Pennsylvania State University (USA), where she is also Founder and Director of the Center for International Human Resource Studies. She is affiliated with the Department of Human Resource Studies at Tilburg University (Netherlands). Her widely-published research encompasses the broad field of strategic (international) human resource management. Elaine completed her PhD at Cranfield School of Management (UK), and worked previously as an HR specialist for several years. She has also served as Co-Editor-in-Chief for Human Resource Management Journal, and Associate Editor for Human Resource Management and International Journal of Human Resource Management.

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