The Oxford Handbook of Impulse Control Disorders

ISBN : 9780195389715

Jon E. Grant; Marc N. Potenza
600 Pages
175 x 256 mm
Pub date
Sep 2011
Oxford Library of Psychology
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Impulsivity, to varying degrees, is what underlies human behavior and decision-making processes. As such, a thorough examination of impulsivity allows us to better understand modes of normal behavior and action as well as a range of related psychopathological disorders, including kleptomania, pyromania, trichotillomania, intermittent explosive disorder, and pathological gambling - disorders grouped under the term "impulse control disorders" (ISDs). Recent efforts in the areas of cognitive psychology, neurobiology, and genetics have provided a greater understanding of these behaviors and given way to improved treatment options. The Oxford Handbook of Impulse Control Disorders provides researchers and clinicians with a clear understanding of the developmental, biological, and phenomenological features of a range of ICDs, as well as detailed approaches to their assessment and treatment . Bringing together founding ICD researchers and leading experts from psychology and psychiatry, this volume reviews the biological underpinnings of impulsivity and the conceptual challenges facing clinicians as they treat individuals with ICDs. It is an authoritative resource for clinical professionals, researchers, and students who work in this expanding area.


Part One: Introduction and Historical Perspective on Impulsivity
Overview of the Impulse Control Disorders Not Elsewhere Classified and Limitations of Knowledge
Jon E. Grant and Marc N. Potenza
Historical Perspectives on Impulsivity and Impulse Control Disorders
F. Gerard Moeller
Part Two: Phenomenology and Epidemiology of Impulse Control Disorders Not Elsewhere Classified
Current Classification of Impulse Control Disorders: Neuro-Cognitive and Behavioral Models of Impulsivity and the Role of Personality.
Ashwini Padhi, Mehdi A M, Craig K, and Naomi A. Fineberg
Expanding the Formal Category of Impulse Control Disorders
Jon E. Grant and Brian L. Odlaug
The Compulsive-Impulsive Spectrum and Behavioral Addictions
Dan J. Stein and Brian A. Harvey
Aggression, Impulsivity, and Personality Disorders
Larry J. Siever and Joshua E. Kuluva
Impulsivity and Co-occurring Psychiatric Disorders
Matthew E. Hirschtritt, Marc N. Potenza, and Linda C. Mayes
Epidemiology and Phenomenology of Pathological Gambling
Luke Clark
Phenomenology and Epidemiology of Trichotillomania
Samuel R. Chamberlain
Phenomenology and Epidemiology of Kleptomania
Netta Shoenfeld and Pinhas Dannon
Pyromania: Phenomenology and Epidemiology
Michel Lejoyeux and Candice Germain
The Phenomenology and Epidemiology of Intermittent Explosive Disorder
Ronald C. Kessler, Emil F. Coccaro, Maurizio Fava, and Katie A. McLaughlin
Compulsive Sexual Behavior: Phenomenology and Epidemiology
Liana R.N. Schreiber, Brian L. Odlaug, and Jon E. Grant
Phenomenology and Epidemiology of Problematic Internet Use
Timothy C. Liu
Phenomenology and Epidemiology of Pathological Skin Picking
Brian L. Odlaug and Jon E. Grant
Epidemiology and Phenomenology of Compulsive Buying Disorder
Donald W. Black
Part Three: Etiology of Impulse Control Disorders
Impulsivity and Drug Addiction: A Neurobiological Perspective
T.W. Robbins
The Genetics of Impulsivity
David A. Nielsen, Dmitri Proudnikov, and Mary Jeanne Kreek
Development of Impulse Control, Inhibition, and Self-Regulatory Behaviors in Normative Populations across the Lifespan
Christopher J. Hammond, Marc N. Potenza, Linda C. Mayes
Impulsivity and Affective Regulation
Alan C. Swann
Psychology of Impulsivity
Jim H. Patton and Matthew S. Stanford
Part Four: Assessment and Treatment of Impulse Control Disorders
Assessment and Treatment of Pathological Gambling
Hermano Tavares
The Assessment and Treatment of Trichotillomania
Gary A-H Christenson
Assessment and Treatment of Kleptomania
Jon E. Grant, Brian L. Odlaug, and Suck Won Kim
Assessment and Treatment of Intermittent Explosive Disorder
Michael S. McCloskey, Mitchell E. Berman, and Kurtis Noblett
Assessment and Treatment of Pyromania
Jon E. Grant and Brian L. Odlaug
Assessment and Treatment of Pathological Skin Picking
Jedidiah Siev, Hannah E. Reese, Kiara Timpano, and Sabine Wilhelm
Impulsive/Compulsive Sexual Behavior: Assessment and Treatment
Eli Coleman
Assessment and Treatment of Problem Internet Use
Kimberly Young
Assessment and Treatment of Compulsive Buying
Astrid Mueller, James E. Mitchell, and Lisa A. Peterson
Part Five: Impulse Control Disorders in Non-Psychiatric Clinical Settings
Impulse Control Disorders in Medical Settings
Sean G. Sullivan
Impulse Control Disorders in Neurological Settings
Antoine Bechara
Part Six: Lifespan and Gender Issues
Impulsivity in Childhood
Kelda H. Walsh and Christopher J. McDougle
Impulsivity in Adolescents
Elizabeth K. Reynolds and Linda C. Mayes
Impulse Control Disorders and Older Adults
Rani A. Desai
Gender and Impulse Control Disorders
Alexea Takacs, Sonia Madrid and Marc N. Potenza
Part Seven: Special Issues
Prevention of Impulse Control Disorders
Neda Faregh and Jeffrey L. Derevensky
Assessment Instruments for Impulsivity and Impulse Control Disorders
Alexis K. Matusiewicz, Brady Reynolds, C. W. Lejuez
Legal Aspects of Impulse Control Disorders
Jon E. Grant and Brian L. Odlaug
Impulse Control Disorders and Impulsivity: Future Directions
Marc N. Potenza and Jon E. Grant

About the author: 

Jon E. Grant, M.D., J.D., M.P.H., is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota. Marc N. Potenza, M.D., Ph.D., is Professor of Psychiatry, Neurobiology, and Child Study at the Yale University School of Medicine.

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