An Orientation to Musical Pedagogy: Becoming a Musician-Educator

ISBN : 9780199928200

Birch P. Browning
240 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jun 2017
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Novice music teachers and music education students struggle to form an identity that synthesizes 'musician' with 'music teacher,' and to separate themselves from their prior experiences to think critically about music-making and music instruction. Throughout this text, readers are encouraged to both reject and reflect upon their prior experience and are provided with new frameworks of understanding about both music-making and music instruction, as they form a new personal philosophy of musicianship and pedagogy. Ultimately, the purpose of this text is to provide foundational knowledge for subsequent learning as students become both musician and music pedagogue.


Chapter One - Introduction
Chapter Two - Transitioning From Student to Teacher
Chapter Three - What is Talent?
Chapter Four - Subject Matter of Music
Chapter Five - Music as Subject Matter
Chapter Six - How Students Learn
Chapter Seven - How Students Acquire Musical Understanding
Chapter Eight - Meaningful Curriculum
Chapter Nine - Designing Meaningful Instruction
Chapter Ten - Delivering Engaging Instruction
Chapter Eleven - Instructional Context
Chapter Twelve - From Student to Teacher Revisited
Chapter Thirteen - Coda

About the author: 

Dr. Birch Browning is Associate Professor of Music Education and Director of Bands at Cleveland State University, and Music Director of the Cleveland Winds. The Cleveland Winds was the winner of the American Prize in Band/Wind Ensemble Performance-Community and School Division, 2015. He is the current Associate Editor of Contributions to Music Education.

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