Indian National Security (OISI)

ISBN : 9780199466474

Chris Ogden
190 Pages
280 x 190 mm
Pub date
Sep 2017
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India is a country of increasing domestic complexity and mounting international importance. As she rises to prominence, this Oxford India Short Introduction provides an invaluable introduction to both the internal and external aspects of her national security. In an increasingly interdependent and globalizing world, appreciating the interests and principles structuring India's national security has never been so important, in particular, how they relate to international security issues. Moving away from a solely traditional focus upon borders, military power, internal stability, and protecting against invasion, national security now involves non-traditional tenets such as trade, energy, and environmental security. Importantly, it has also become more comprehensive, focusing upon critical infrastructure, food and water access, international diplomacy, and disaster and humanitarian relief, as well as recognizing the threat posed by non-state actors, especially from terrorism, piracy, and even transnational corporations. Embracing such a multifaceted analysis of national security not only serves to highlight the diverse challenges facing India but also stresses the impact that they will have on her current global rise.


List of Figures
Introduction: Thinking about National Security
Chapter 1: Origins and Characteristics
Chapter 2: India's Internal Aspects
Chapter 3: The External Dimension
Conclusion: A Continued Evolution
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About the Author

About the author: 

Chris Ogden is a senior lecturer in Asian Security at the School of International Relations, University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK.

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