The Oxford Handbook of Health Care Management

ISBN : 9780198814290

Ewan Ferlie; Kathleen Montgomery; Anne Reff Pedersen
576 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Oct 2017
Oxford Handbooks
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This Handbook provides an authoritative overview of current issues and debates in the field of health care management. It contains over twenty chapters from well-known and eminent academic authors, who were carefully selected for their expertise and asked to provide a broad and critical overview of developments in their particular topic area. The development of an international perspective and body of knowledge is a key feature of the book. The Handbook secondly makes a case for bringing back a social science perspective into the study of the field of health care management. It therefore contains a number of contrasting and theoretically orientated chapters (e.g. on institutionalism; critical management studies). This social science based approach is a refreshing alternative to much existing work in this domain and offers a good way into current academic debates in this field. The Handbook thirdly explores a variety of important policy and organizational developments apparent within the current health care field (e.g. new organizational forms; growth of management consulting in health care organizations). It therefore explores and comments on major contemporary trends apparent in the practice field.


Ewan Ferlie, Kathleen Montgomery and Anne Reff Pedersen: Introduction: The State of Health Care Management Research: A Critical Overview

Part I: Theoretical and Political Approaches to Health Care Management and Organizations
1 Trish Reay, Elizabeth Goodrick, and Bob Hinings: Institutionalization and Professionalization
2 Stephen Shortell and Rachael Addicott: A New Lens on Organizational Innovations in Health Care: Forms and Functions
3 Graeme Currie and Graham Martin: Narratives of Health Policy
4 Russell Mannion and Huw Davies: Culture in Health Care Organizations
5 Martin Kitchener and Richard Thomas: The Critical Healthcare Management Domain

Part II: People in Health Care Organizations: Patients, Professionals, and Leaders
6 Cheryl Rathert, Timothy Vogus, and Laura McClelland: Re-humanizing Health Care: Facilitating 'Caring' for Patient-centered Care
7 Evan Doran, Ian Kerridge, Christopher Jordens, and Ainsley Newson: Clinical Ethics Support in Contemporary Healthcare: Origins, Practices, and Evaluation
8 Louise Fitzgerald: Interprofessional Interactions and their Impact on Professional Boundaries
9 Viviane Sergi, Mariline Comeau-Vallee, Maria Lusiani, Jean-Louis Denis, and Ann Langley: Plural Leadership in Healthcare Organizations: Forms, Potential and Challenges
10 Michael West and Lynn Markiewicz: Effective Team Working in Health Care

Part III: Organizational Processes and Practices in Health Care Management
11 Davide Nicolini, Harry Scarbrough, and Julia Gracheva: Communities of Practice and Situated Learning in Health Care
12 Huw Davies, Alison Powell, and Sandra Nutley: Mobilizing Knowledge in Health Care
13 Peter Kjaer, Anne Reff Pedersen, and Anja Svejgaard Pors: A Discursive Approach to Organizational Health Communication
14 Jeffrey Braithwaite and Liam Donaldson: Patient Safety and Quality
15 Bill Doolin: Implementing E-Health
16 Jenny Lewis: The Paradox of Health Care Performance Management and Measurement
17 Charlotta Levay: Health Care Transparency in Organizational Perspective

Part IV: Issues in the Health Care Organizational Field
18 Lieke Oldenhof, Jeroen Postma, and Roland Bal: Re-placing Care: Governing Healthcare through Spatial Arrangements
19 Rod Sheaff and Jill Schofield: Interorganizational Networks in Healthcare: Programme Networks, Care Networks, and Integrated Care
20 Simon Bishop and Justin Waring: Public-private Partnerships in Health Care
21 Karsten Vrangbaek and Haldor Byrkjeflot: Form, Function, and Direction: Toward a Framework for Studying Accountability in Health Care
22 Wendy Lipworth: Pharmaceuticals, Money, and the Healthcare Organizational Field
23 Ian Kirkpatrick, Chris Lonsdale, and Indraneth Neogy: Management Consulting in Health

About the author: 

Ewan Ferlie is Professor of Public Services Management at King's College London. He has published widely on themes of organizational change and restructuring in public services organizations, especially in health care and also in higher education. He also writes on the relationship between professionals and managers in health care. He previously co-edited the Oxford Handbook of Public Management. He is currently Hon Chair of the Society for the Study of Organizing in Health Care, a Learned Society which is a constituent member of the UK Academy of Social Sciences.; Kathleen Montgomery is Professor of the Graduate Division and Emerita Professor of Organizations and Management at the University of California, Riverside. She has been a visiting scholar at Oxford University, Stanford, UCLA, and University of Sydney. She is a Past Chair of the Health Care Management Division of the Academy of Management. She earned a PhD in sociology from New York University, where she worked with Eliot Freidson and began her research on the medical profession and relationships between professionals and their environment. Her current research continues this steam, now focusing on issues of trust, integrity, and behavioral norms.; Anne Reff Pedersen is Associate Professor at Department of Organization at Copenhagen Business School. Her research field is organizational studies with a particular interest in Health Care Management and on organization theory and organizational ethnography. She has published articles in Organization, American Review of Public Administration, Management and Management Learning and she has published several books about organizational change, public mangers and management through the patient. She works currently in a research project about health care innovation with a special interest on change practices.

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