Foundations for Clinical Neurology

ISBN : 9780190607166

Robert Laureno
224 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Oct 2017
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Foundations for Clinical Neurology presents basic principles of neurology in a user-friendly way for practicing neurologists as well residents, fellows, and students. Written in a clear and concise format, this book will perfectly complement the "traditional" neurology textbook. This volume on neurology is divided in to three primary sections. The first section "Practicing Neurology" covers bedside investigation, diagnosis, imaging techniques, and therapeutics; Section 2, "Topics in Neurologic Disease" reviews subjects in neurologic disease that are often overlooked but are very important; and the third section, "Perspectives" provides insight in to how we talk, think, and develop concepts in neurology. With understanding of the evolution of neurologic concepts, the terminology and classifications used by neurologists, and the methodologies used to prove cause of disorder and disease, the practicing neurologist can provide the most effective care. Topics discussed in Foundations for Clinical Neurology include...- Verbal and nonverbal communication, especially during the history-taking portion of a neurologic examination; -How to be effective and avoid common pitfalls in the neurologic exam; -Difficulties in applying diagnostic criteria and formulating diagnoses; and -Advantages of using CT or MRI scanning in various clinical situations.



Part 1: Practicing Neurology
1. At the Bedside
2. Imaging
3. Diagnosis
4. Treatment

Part 2: Topics in Neurologic Disease
5. Symmetry
6. Selective Vulnerability
7. Normalization
8. Asymptomatic Disease

Part 3: Perspectives on Neurology
9. Terminology
10. Classifications
11. Causation
12. Asymmetry
13. Decussation
14. Lowly Origins
15. Learning Neurology
16. Selected Concepts

About the author: 

Dr. Laureno chairs the neurology department at Medstar Washington Hospital Center. He is a professor of neurology at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital and Georgetown University School of Medicine. He is the author of Raymond Adams: A Life of Mind and Muscle (OUP, 2009).

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