Gender and Rock

ISBN : 9780190688660

Mary Celeste Kearney
377 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Sep 2017
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The first book of its kind, Gender & Rock introduces readers to how gender operates in multiple sites within rock culture, including its music, lyrics, imagery, performances, instruments, and business practices. Additionally, it explores how rock culture, despite a history of regressive gender politics, has provided a place for musicians and consumers to experiment with alternate identities and ways of being. Drawing on feminist and queer scholarship in popular music studies, musicology, cultural studies, sociology, performance studies, literary analysis, and media studies, Gender & Rock provides readers with a survey of the topics, theories, and methods necessary for understanding and conducting analyses of gender in rock culture. Via an intersectional approach, the book examines how the gendering of particular roles, practices, technologies, and institutions within rock culture is related to discourses of race, sexuality, age, and class.


List of Illustrations
Introduction: Power Chords and Groupie Chicks
Section 1 - Foundations: Rock and Gender
Chapter 1 - Not Just Music: Studying Rock Culture
Chapter 2 - Refusing Silence: Gender Studies and Rock Criticism
Section 2 - Rock's Sociocultural Contexts: Values, Commerce, Distinctions
Chapter 3 - Roll Over Beethoven: Rock's Discursive and Ideological Roots
Chapter 4 - Art and Commerce: Rock Business
Chapter 5 - From Rock'n'Roll to Post-Rock: Rock Genres
Section 3 - Rock's Creative Contexts: Training, Technology, Performance
Chapter 6 - In the Band: Rock Musician Roles and Training
Chapter 7 - Gearing Up: Rock Technology
Chapter 8 - Under the Lights and on the Road: Rock Performance
Section 4 - Rock's Texts: Music and Images
Chapter 9 - Up to Eleven: Rock Sounds
Chapter 10 - Wordcraft: Rock Lyrics
Chapter 11 - On the Cover: Rock's Print Images
Chapter 12 - On-screen: Rock Videos
Section 5 - Rock's Other Players: Consumers and Critics
Chapter 13 - Teenyboppers and Headbangers: Rock Consumers and Fandom
Chapter 14 - Evaluation and Interpretation: Rock Criticism

About the author: 

Professor Mary Celeste Kearney is Director of Gender Studies and Associate Professor of Film, Television, and Theatre at the University of Notre Dame.

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