Foundations for the LPC 2017-2018 (21st edition)

ISBN : 9780198787662

Clare Firth; Kathryn Wright; Lucy Crompton; Helen Fox; Frances Seabridge; Susan Wigglesworth; Elizabeth Smart
360 Pages
206 x 292 mm
Pub date
Jun 2017
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Foundations for the LPC covers the compulsory foundation areas of the Legal Practice Course as set out in the LPC outcomes: professional conduct, tax and revenue law, and wills and administration of estates. The book also discusses human rights law, a topic now taught pervasively across the LPC course. Using worked examples and scenarios throughout to illustrate key points, this guide is essential reading for all students and a useful reference source for practitioners. To aid understanding and test comprehension of the core material, checkpoints and summaries feature in every chapter.


1. Introduction
1 Professional conduct
2 Financial services
3 Money laundering
2. Revenue Law
4 An introduction to revenue law
5 Income tax
6 Capital gains tax
7 Inheritance tax
8 Corporation tax
9 Value added tax
10 Taxation of sole proprietors and partnerships
11 Taxation of trusts and settlements
3. Wills and Administration of Estates
12 Introduction to wills and administration of estates
13 Entitlement to the estate
14 Application for a grant of representation
15 Post-grant practice
4. Human Rights
16 Human rights

About the author: 

Clare Firth, LLB, Solicitor (non-practising), Senior Lecturer in Legal Practice, formerly Director of Legal Practice, University of Sheffield; Elizabeth Smart, LLB, Solicitor (non-practising); Dr Kathryn Wright, LLB, Solicitor (non-practising); Lucy Crompton, LLB, Solicitor (non-practising), Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University ; Helen Fox, LLB, Solicitor (non-practising), LPC Award Director, Staffordshire University; Frances Seabridge, LLB, Solicitor (non-practising), Senior Lecturer, Staffordshire University; Susan Wigglesworth, LLB, Solicitor, former Lecturer in Law, Staffordshire University

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