Faith in Formulae: A Collection of Early Christian Creeds and Creed-Related Texts

ISBN : 9780198269410

Wolfram Kinzig
2016 Pages
Multiple Copy Pack
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Jul 2017
Oxford Early Christian Texts
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Creeds, such as the Apostolic and Nicene creeds, have shaped the core of the Christian faith. It is therefore surprising that for over a century there has been no comprehensive collection of the early Christian creeds in their original languages. However, the study of their history has made excellent progress. In the general introduction to this volume, Wolfram Kinzig summarizes the present state of research. This is followed by a collection of all creeds and credal formulae of the early Church in Greek and Latin, covering the whole period from the writings of the New Testament down to the early Middle Ages. The source texts are taken from the most up-to-date critical editions available and newly found texts have been added. They are accompanied by English translations and where applicable introduced individually by brief remarks on their authorship, date, and provenance. The volumes feature useful notes and cross-references.


List of Abbreviations and Editorial Signs
1 Introduction
2 Credal Formulae in the Old Testament
3 Credal Formulae in the New Testament
4 Symbolum and Its Meanings in the Early Church
5 Baptismal Interrogations from the Second and Third Centuries
6 Credal Formulae and Rules of Faith from the Second and Third Centuries
7 Eastern Creeds, Credal Formulae, and Creed-Related Texts (4th-8th Centuries)
8 Western Creeds, Credal Formulae, and Creed-Related Texts (4th-8th Centuries)
9 Laws and Synodal Canons Relating to the Creed (4th-8th Centuries)
10 The Creed in the Liturgy and in Daily Life (4th-8th Centuries)
11 The Creed in the Carolingian Reform
Appendix I. Further Unpublished Creeds and Credal Statements
Appendix II. Synopsis of Hahn/Kinzig
Appendix III. Addenda
I. Biblical Passages
II. Ancient and Medieval Authors and Sources
III. Inscriptions, Papyri,Ostraca, Wooden Tablets, and Parchments
IV. Manuscripts

About the author: 

Wolfram Kinzig studied Evangelical Theology and Latin in Heidelberg and Lausanne. He completed both his PhD in theology and his Habilitation in Church History in Heidelberg. From 1985 until 1986 he was a Graduate Visiting Student in Christ Church, Oxford, followed by a Visiting Studentship in Trinity College, Cambridge (1986-7), a Research Fellowship in Peterhouse, Cambridge (1988-92), and a Senior Research Fellowship in King's College, Cambridge (1992-5). Since 1996 he has held the Chair of Church History (patristics) at the Evangelical-Theological Faculty of the University of Bonn. He is also the founder and speaker (director) of the Centre for Religion and Society (ZERG) at his university.

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