The Oxford Handbook of the Epistemology of Theology

ISBN : 9780199662241

Frederick D. Aquino; William J. Abraham
640 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Jun 2017
Oxford Handbooks
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The Oxford Handbook of the Epistemology of Theology brings together leading scholars in the fields of theology and epistemology to examine and articulate what can be categorized as appropriate epistemic evaluation in theology. Part one focuses on some of the epistemic concepts that have been traditionally employed in theology such as knowledge of God, revelation and scripture, reason and faith, experience, and tradition. This section also considers concepts that have not received sufficient epistemological attention in theology, such as saints, authority, ecclesial practices, spiritual formation, and discernment. Part two concentrates on epistemic concepts that have received significant attention in contemporary epistemology and can be related to theology such as understanding, wisdom, testimony, virtue, evidence, foundationalism, realism/antirealism, scepticism, and disagreement. Part three offers examples from key figures in the Christian tradition and investigates the relevant epistemological issues and insights in these writers, as well as recognizing the challenges of connecting insights from contemporary epistemology with the subject of theology proper, namely, God. Part four centres on five emerging areas that warrant further epistemological consideration: Liberation Theology, Continental Philosophy, modern Orthodox writers, Feminism, and Pentecostalism. This authoritative collection explores how the various topics, figures, and emerging conversations can be reconceived and addressed in light of recent developments in epistemology. Each chapter provides an analysis of the crucial moves, positions, and debates, while also identifying relevant epistemic considerations. This Handbook fulfils the need for the development of this new conversation that will take its natural place in the intersection of theology and epistemology. It links the fields of theology and epistemology in robust, meaningful, and significant ways.


List of Contributors
William J. Abraham and Frederick D. Aquino: Introduction: The Epistemology of Theology

1 John Greco: Knowledge of God
2 Sandra Menssen and Thomas Sullivan: Revelation and Scripture
3 Lara Buchak: Reason and Faith
4 Thomas D. Senor: The Experiential Grounding of Religious Belief
5 John Cottingham: Saints and Saintliness
6 Linda Zagzebski: Authority in Religious Communities
7 Paul K. Moser: The Inner Witness of the Spirit
8 Mark Wynn: Tradition
9 Colin M. McGuigan and Brad Kallenberg: Ecclesial Practices
10 Frederick D. Aquino: Spiritual Formation, Authority, and Discernment

11 Jonathan L. Kvanvig: Understanding
12 Stephen R. Grimm: Wisdom in Theology
13 Jennifer Lackey: The Epistemology of Testimony and Religious Belief
14 Jason Baehr: Virtue
15 Trent Dougherty: Evidence and Theology
16 Michael Bergmann: Foundationalism
17 Christopher J. Insole: Realism and Anti-realism
18 liam Dunaway and John Hawthorne: Scepticism
19 Nathan L. King and Thomas Kelly: Diasgreement and the Epistemoogy of Theology

20 Paul K. Moser: Paul the Apostle
21 Robert M. Berchman: Origen of Alexandria
22 Scott MacDonald: Augustine
23 Frederick D. Aquino: Maximus the Confessor
24 William J. Abraham: Symeon the New Theologian
25 David Brown: Anselm
26 James Brent, O.P.: Thomas Aquinas
27 Scott M. Williams: John Duns Scotus
28 A. S. McGrade: Richard Hooker
29 Steven Payne: Teresa of Avila
30 Douglas M. Koskela: John Wesley
31 William J. Wainwright: Jonathan Edwards
32 Kevin W. Hector: Friedrich Schleiermacher
33 M. G. Piety: Soren Kierkegaard
34 Cyril O'Regan: John Henry Newman
35 Paul T. Nimmo: Karl Barth
36 Victoria S. Harrison: Hans Urs von Balthasar

37 Devin Singh: Liberation Theology
38 J. Aaron Simmons: Continental Philosophy
39 Paul L. Gavrilyuk: Modern Orthodox Thinkers
40 Harriet Harris: The Epistemology of Feminist Theology
41 James K. A. Smith: Pentecostalism

About the author: 

William J. Abraham is Albert Cook Outler Professor of Wesley Studies and University Distinguished Professor in Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. His publications include Divine Revelation and the Limits of Historical Criticism (2000) and Canon and Criterion in Christian Theology (OUP, 1998).; Frederick D. Aquino is Professor of Theology and Philosophy at the Graduate School of Theology, Abilene Christian University. He specializes in religious epistemology, the epistemology of theology, John Henry Newman, and Maximus the confessor. He is the co-editor of Receptions of Newman (OUP, 2015).

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