Political Ideologies

ISBN : 9780198727859

Mark Garnett; Stephen Hood; Aristotle Kallis; Mark Langan; Dorron Otter; Robin Redhead; Paul Wetherly
464 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Jun 2017
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Political Ideologies provides a broad-ranging introduction to both the classical and contemporary political ideologies. Adopting a global outlook, it introduces readers to ideologies' increasingly global reach and the different national versions of these ideologies. Importantly, ideologies are presented as frameworks of interpretation and political commitment, encouraging readers to evaluate how ideologies work in practice, the problematic links between ideas and political action, and the impact of ideologies. Regular learning features encourage readers to think critically about ideologies, and view them as competing and contestable ways of interpreting the world. A unique 'stop and think' feature calls for readers to reflect on their own ideological beliefs. Online Resources Political Ideologies is accompanied by comprehensive online resources, to support political ideology courses. For students: * Further reading and resources for each chapter to help students to undertake further research and deepen their understanding and critical thinking; * Regular updates help students to keep up to date with ideologies as frameworks of understanding and political action in the real world. For lecturers: * Indicative answers to questions in the book provide a framework for approaching these; * Powerpoint slides to support each chapter, providing an overview and key points to help with planning; * Further discussion and debate ideas, for use in seminars, encourage big picture thinking about the relationships between ideologies.


1 Introduction: ideology, politics and policy
2 Liberalism
3 Conservatism
4 Socialism and communism
5 Anarchism
6 Nationalism
7 Fascism and the radical right
8 Reviewing the 'classical' legacy
9 Feminism
10 Environmentalism
11 Multiculturalism
12 Religion, politics and fundamentalism
13 Beyond ideology?

About the author: 

David Bates, Principal Lecturer and Director of Politics and International Relations at Canterbury Christ Church University; Mark Garnett, Senior Lecturer in Politics at Lancaster University; John Gregson, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Leeds Metropolitan University; Stephen Hood, Lecturer in Political Theory at Manchester University; Aristotle Kallis, Professor of History at Lancaster University; Mark Langan, Senior Lecturer in International Politics at Newcastle University; Dorron Otter, Principal Lecturer in Politics at Leeds Metropolitan University; Sophia Price, Principal Lecturer in Social Sciences at Leeds Metropolitan University; Robin Redhead, Senior Lecturer in Politics at Leeds Metropolitan University

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