Global Occupational Health

ISBN : 9780195380002

Tee L. Guidotti
624 Pages
188 x 259 mm
Pub date
Mar 2011
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Global Occupational Health is a concise, complete introduction to a vital-but often neglected-area in the field of health sciences. Work-related illnesses and injuries are critical concerns for every country and at every stage of economic development and an important determinant of health and financial security for working adults and their families. As a comprehensive textbook designed for students, professionals in public health, and occupational health practitioners who are working across international boundaries, this book will provide the reader with solid foundational knowledge of occupational health through the lens of economic development. Perfect for use as both a stand-alone text or as supplementary reading, this book addresses worker protection and the management of occupational health from rich industrialized countries to developing societies. The first section of the book concentrates on broad approaches and frameworks for the investigation and management of health in the workplace. The second section addresses important hazards. The third section addresses specific industry sectors, management challenges, and policies at the global level. Each chapter links occupational health to economic development concepts and future trends. The contributed chapters are authored by international experts in the field, enriched by boxed case studies and supportive concrete examples. This work sets a new standard for education in occupational health.


1. The Principles of Occupational Health, Jorma Rantanen
2. 2. Chemical Safety and Risk Assessment, Kai Savolainen and Pentti Kalliokoski
3. 3. Occupational Epidemiology, Panu Oksa and Jukka Uitta
4. 4. Exposure Assessment, Rauno Paakkonen
5. 5. Monitoring and Surveillance, Jukka Uitta and Panu Oksa
6. 6. Safety, Tee L. Guidotti
7. 7. Ergonomics, Veikko Louhevaara and Nina Navala
8. 8. Physical Hazards, Tee L. Guidotti
9. 9. Chemical Hazards, Rene Mendes
10. 10. Biological Hazards at Work, Gregory Chan and David Koh
11. 11. Stress and Psychological Factors, Tsutoma Hoshuyama
12. 12. Hazard Control, Erkki Kahkonen
13. 13. Clinical Evaluation of Occupational Disorders, Gregory Chan and David Koh
14. 14. Occupational Injuries, Tee L. Guidotti
15. 15. Musculoskeletal Disorders, Thomas Laubli and Craig Karpilow
16. 16. Occupational Diseases, Gregory Chan
17. 17. Fitness-To-Work Evaluation, John Cowell
18. 18. Health Protection, Health Promotion, and Disease Prevention at the Workplace, Rene Mendes and Elizabeth Costa Dias
19. 19. Industries and Workplaces, Hugo Rudiger, Michael Nasterlack, Andreas Zober, and Tee L. Guidotti
20. 20. Health Care Workers, Tee L. Guidotti
21. 21. Agriculture, Jyrki Liesivuori
22. 22. Occupational Health and Safety in Small Enterprises, Jeffrey Spickett and E. Wallis-Long
23. 23. The Worker, Tee L. Guidotti
24. 24. Common Occupations, Hua Fu, Tee L. Guidotti, and Kari Lindstrom
25. 25. Occupational Health and Economic Development, Tee L. Guidotti
26. 26. Covenants in Occupational Health, Igor Fedotov
27. 27. Occupational Health Services, Tee L. Guidotti
28. 28. Delivering Health Care, Tee L. Guidotti
29. 29. The Economic Burden of Occupational Diseases, You-xin Liang
30. 30. Emerging Issues, Jorma Rantanen
31. 31. The Future, Jorma Rantanen

About the author: 

Tee L. Guidotti, MD, MPH, DABT, is an international consultant in health, safety, and sustainability at Medical Advisory Services (a division of The NMAS Group), a firm in Rockville, Maryland. He is a physician and retired professor of environmental and occupational health.

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