The Middle Ages in the Modern World: Twenty-First Century Perspectives

ISBN : 9780197266144

Bettina Bildhauer; Chris Jones
450 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Jul 2017
Proceedings of the British Academy
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The Middle Ages continue to provide an important touchstone for the way the modern West presents itself and its relationship with the rest of the globe. This volume brings together leading scholars of literature and history, together with musicians, novelists, librarians, and museum curators in order to present exciting, up-to-date perspectives on how and why the Middle Ages continue to matter in the 20th and 21st centuries. Presented here, their essays represent a unique dialogue between scholars and practitioners of 'medievalism'. Framed by an introductory essay on the broad history of the continuing evolution of the idea of 'The Middle Ages' from the 14th century to the present day, chapters deal with subjects as diverse as: the use of Old Norse sagas by Republican deniers of climate change; the way figures like the Irish hero Cu Chulainn and St Patrick were used to give legitimacy to political affiliations during the Ulster 'Troubles'; the use of the Middle Ages in films by Pasolini and Taran


1 Bettina Bildhauer and Chris Jones: Introduction: The Middle Ages in the Modern World: Twenty-first-century Perspectives
Part One: Medievalism in Politics and Histories
2 Bruce Holsinger: Thorkel Farserk Goes for a Swim: Climate Change, the Medieval Optimum, and the Perils of Amateurism
3 Eamon Byers, Stephen Kelly, and Kath Stevenson: 'The North Remembers': The Uses and Abuses of the Middle Ages in Irish Political Culture
4 Patrick Geary: Writing the Nation: Historians and National Identities from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-first Centuries
5 Andrew Lynch: War, Church, Empire, and the Medieval in British Histories for Children

Part Two: Practising Medievalism
6 Felicitas Hoppe: 'Adventure? What is that?' On Iwein
7 James Robinson: Saints' Cults and Celebrity
8 Graham Coatman: Is Medieval Music the New Avant-Garde? The Wilful, the Wayward, and the Playful
9 Fani Gargova: Medievalism, Byzantinism, and Bulgarian Politics through the Archival Lens
10 Chris Jones: Digital Mouvance: Once and Future Medieval Poetry Remediated in the Modern World
11 Tommaso di Carpegna Falconieri and Lila Yawn: Forging 'Medieval' Identities: Fortini's Calendimaggio and Pasolini's Trilogy of Life

Part Three: Medievalism in Literature and Culture
12 Elizabeth Robertson: Chaucer and Wordsworth's Vivid Daisies
13 Conor McCarthy: Time, Place, Language, and Translation: Ciaran Carson's The Inferno and The Tain
14 Bettina Bildhauer: Visuality, Violence, and the Return of the Middle Ages: Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds as an Adaptation of the Nibelungen Story
15 Carolyn Dinshaw: Black Skin, Green Masks: Medieval Foliate Heads, Racial Trauma, and Queer World-making
16 Roland Betancourt: The Medium is the Byzantine: Popular Culture and the Byzantine

About the author: 

Bettina Bildhauer, University of St Andrews;Chris Jones, University of St Andrews

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