Tort Law: Text, Cases, and Materials (4th edition)

ISBN : 9780198768807

Jenny Steele
984 Pages
189 x 246 mm
Pub date
Jul 2017
Texts, Cases, and Materials
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Tort Law: Text, Cases, and Materials combines incisive author commentary with carefully selected extracts from primary and secondary materials to provide the perfect balance of support and encouragement. The author introduces the fundamental principles of the subject before moving on to discuss more challenging issues, thereby ensuring a full understanding of the subject and encouraging an appreciation of the more complex debates surrounding the law of tort. The book is intended to be a stand-alone text and to provide students with a comprehensive source of relevant materials in this one easy-to-use volume. This text is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre featuring updates on the latest developments in tort law, and web links to reliable and accurate resources for further study.


I. Introductory
1 The shape of tort law today

II. Intentional Interferences
2 Torts of intention

III. The Tort of Negligence
3 Essentials of negligence: establishing liability
4 Causation problems
5 Defences to negligence
6 Duty of care: applications

IV. General Matters
7 Limitation and contribution
8 Damages, compensation, and responsibility
9 Vicarious liability and non-delegable duties

V. Nuisance and Duties Relating to Land
10 Nuisance
11 Rylands v Fletcher and strict liability
12 Liability for dangerous premises

VI. Defamation and Privacy
13 Defamation
14 Privacy

VII. Stricter Liabilities
15 Product liability
16 Breach of statutory duty
17 Trespass to land and goods, and conversion

About the author: 

Professor Jenny Steele is Director of Research at York Law School, University of York. She is also a past president of the Society of Legal Scholars and was a co-editor of Legal Studies, the society's journal, from 2006 to 2011.

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