Environmental Law (9th edition)

ISBN : 9780198748328

Donald McGillivray; Ole Pedersen; Emma Lees; Elen Stokes; Stuart Bell
856 Pages
189 x 246 mm
Pub date
Jun 2017
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Trusted by generations of students and academics alike, the ninth edition of this leading text continues to provide far-reaching coverage of the essential topics taught on most environmental law courses. The authors consider the areas thematically, tackling the key debates and explaining the subject in its social and political context. The clear and accessible writing style ensures that readers are informed yet not overwhelmed. Known for its clear structure and systematic approach, readers new to the subject are provided with a logical introduction while those with more experience can explore the intricacies of the content. The text is supported by a number of learning features designed to help students engage with the material, develop critical thinking skills, and to guide further research. This book is also accompanied by an Online Resource Centre featuring additional chapters, expanded further reading suggestions for each chapter, annotated web links and legal updates.


Part 1 Introductory Themes
1 What is environmental law? A brief introduction
2 History and challenges
3 Values, principles, rights, justice and environmental law
4 The form, function and administration of environmental law

Part 2 Integrated Themes
5 International law and environmental protection
6 The European Union and the environment
7 The regulation of environmental protection
8 Environmental crime and enforcement
9 Public participation
10 Access to environmental justice and the role of the courts
11 Private law and environmental protection

Part 3 Sectoral Coverage
12 Town and country planning
13 Environmental assessment
14 Environmental permitting and integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC)
15 Climate change, ozone depletion, and air quality
16 Contaminated land
17 Water pollution and water quality
18 Waste management
19 The conservation of nature
20 New technologies

Available on the Online Resource Centre
21 Landscape management
22 Local controls and remedies
23 Disposal of waste to sewers

About the author: 

Professor Stuart Bell is Professor of Law and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of York; Professor Donald McGillivray is Reader in Law at the University of Sussex; Dr Ole Pedersen is Reader in Law at Newcastle University; Dr Emma Lees is University Lecturer in Environmental and Property Law at Cambridge University; Professor Elen Stokes is Professorial Research Fellow in Law at the University of Birmingham

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