Civil Liberties & Human Rights (11th edition)

ISBN : 9780198744276

Ruth Costigan; Richard Stone
600 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Jun 2017
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Civil Liberties and Human Rights provides a straightforward and stimulating account of this fascinating area of law. This essential textbook covers all the key topics on undergraduate human rights modules including crucial areas such as police powers, privacy, freedom of expression, terrorism and public order. Detailed analysis of key cases throughout puts the law into context and encourages students to engage with contemporary issues and debates.


1 Introduction
2 The Human Rights Act 1998: Overview
3 Personal liberty (Article 5) I: Stop, search, and arrest
4 Personal liberty (Article 5) II: Detention and questioning
5 Article 6: Right to a fair trial
6 Article 8: Right to respect for private life
7 Freedom of expression (Article 10) I: Official secrets and freedom of information
8 Freedom of expression (Article 10) II: Obscenity and indecency
9 Freedom to protest and public order law
10 Terrorism and human rights
11 Freedom from discrimination (Article 14)

About the author: 

Ruth Costigan is Associate Professor at Swansea University; Richard Stone is Emeritus Professor of Law and Human Rights at the University of Lincoln

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