International Organizations and the Fight for Accountability

ISBN : 9780198808442

Carla Ferstman
224 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Jul 2017
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Increasingly, international organizations take on State- or quasi- State-like functions in which they exercise control over individuals and societies, particularly in contexts of conflict and transition. These all increase the risks that their conduct may infringe human rights and international humanitarian law. International organizations' engagement in peace operations has progressively widened, with mandates now regularly including the protection of civilian populations and in several new operations containing peace enforcement responsibilities with active combat duties. The book assesses whether and if so how human rights and international humanitarian law principles relating to accountability and reparation apply to international organizations. When considering whether international organizations are obliged to afford reparation and to whom it is owed and what it entails, one is confronted with how the law of responsibility intersects with the specialised regimes of human rights and international humanitarian law and particularly, their application to individuals. The rationales for organizational immunities and other limits on international organizations' responsibilities were conceived to ensure their independence from State influences and their capacity to engage in often difficult circumstances. Many, if not all of these rationales remain relevant today.


I Introduction
II International Organizations' Obligations under Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law
III Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Breaches Attributable to International Organizations
IV The Obligation to Afford Reparation to Injured Individuals
V Internal Adjudication by International Organizations
VI Challenging the Conduct of International Organizations before Domestic Courts
VII Adjudication before Regional and International Courts
VIII The Direct Responsibility of Organization Employees, Contractors and Troop Contingents
IX Some Concluding Thoughts - Where the Solutions Lie

About the author: 

Carla Ferstman, REDRESS

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