Sustainable Development and India: Convergence of Law, Economics, Science, and Politics

ISBN : 9780199474622

Bimal N. Patel; Ranita Nagar
292 Pages
138 x 216 mm
Pub date
Jun 2017
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Current policy or scholarly literature on sustainable development in India has been missing a vital interdisciplinary integrated link covering four areas of knowledge: law, economics, science, and politics. This gap has contributed to an incomplete understanding of the whole issue and, in turn, has added resulted in inappropriate and often unrealistic instruments being used to achieve the lofty ideals of sustainable development. This edited volume brings together a scholarly analysis of interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives to the sustainable development agenda and debates in India. The theoretical and empirical analyses conducted by the contributors create more questions than answers, yet an integrated whole emerging shows the future directions which will shape the policy and theoretical debates on sustainable development.


Message by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

1 Introduction by Bimal N. Patel and Ranita Nagar

PART 2: Critical Appraisal of Indian Legal Framework on Technical and Global Issues
2 Rio +20 To SDGS: A Quest For Inclusive and Sustainable Development by Saira Gori
3 Sustainable Development, Convention of Biological Diversity, and Intellectual Property Rights by Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhary
4 Patents: The Holy Grail for Sustainable Development by Ranita Nagar
5 Nanotechnology as an Intellectual Property: Issues and Challenges in India by Hardik Parikh
6 Sustainable Development and Marine Environment: A Preview of Legal Issues in India by Bimal N. Patel
7 Role of Satellite Technology in Oceanic Study by Thomas Matthew
8 Bioremediation: A Tool for Contemporary Environmental Issues by Sunita Varjani

PART 3: Sustainable Development in Practice: Case-Study in India
Political Issues
9 Paradox of Sustainable Development: Agenda of Political Parties by William Nunes and Saurabh Anand
10 Role of Local Governance in Sustainable Development by Aruna Kumar Malik
Socio-economic and Human Rights Issues
11 Sustainable Water Resource Management: Historical Enquiry to Address the Water Crisis by Richa Mulchandani
12 Commercial and Legal Sustainability of Contract Farming in Gujarat by Satya Ranjan Mishra
13 Environmental-Economical Sustainability and Human Rights by Vikas Gandhi
14 E-Waste Management: Global Outlook and Lessons for India by Viral Pandya

About the Editors and Contributors

About the author: 

Bimal N. Patel is Professor of Law and Director at Gujarat National Law University; Ranita Nagar is Professor of Law at Gujarat National Law University

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