Perioperative Crisis Management and Advanced Life Support

ISBN : 9780190226459

Matthew D. McEvoy; Cory M. Furse
688 Pages
216 x 279 mm
Pub date
May 2017
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Advanced Perioperative Crisis Management is a high-yield, clinically-relevant resource for understanding the epidemiology, pathophysiology, assessment, and management of a wide variety of perioperative emergencies. Three introductory chapters review a critical thinking approach to the unstable or pulseless patient, crisis resource management principles to improve team performance and the importance of cognitive aids in adhering to guidelines during perioperative crises. The remaining sections cover six major areas of patient instability: cardiac, pulmonary, neurologic, metabolic/endocrine, and toxin-related disorders, and shock states, as well as specific emergencies for obstetrical and pediatric patients. Each chapter opens with a clinical case, followed by a discussion of the relevant evidence. Case-based learning discussion questions, which can be used for self-assessment or in the classroom, round out each chapter. Advanced Perioperative Crisis Management is an ideal resource for trainees, clinicians, and nurses who work in the perioperative arena, from the operating room to the postoperative surgical ward.


Part I. Crisis Resource Management: Non-Technical Skills of Team Performance
1. A Critical Approach to the Unstable Patient
Mark E. Nunnally
Arna Banerjee
Matthew D. McEvoy
2. Teamwork and Crisis Resource Management
Scott C. Watkins
Christopher L. Cropsey
Cory M. Furse
3. Cognitive Aids in Current Practice
Christopher L. Cropsey
Scott C. Watkins
Matthew D. McEvoy
Part II. Cardiac Crises
Andrew Shaw
4. Introduction to Perioperative Cardiac Urgencies and Emergencies
Jason B. O'Neal
Andrew Shaw
5. Myocardial Ischemia
Jeremy Bennett
Kara Siegrist
6. Aortic Disruption
Adam J. Kingeter
Bantayehu Sileshi
7. Cardiac Dysrhythmias
Mark Henry
Robert J. Deegan
8. Severe Valvular Disease
Yafen Liang
Andrew Shaw
Part III. Shock
Vivek K. Moitra
9. Introduction to Shock
Babar Fiza
Vivek Moitra
10. Cardiogenic Shock
Martin Chen
Muoi Trinh
11. Distributive Shock
Angela Lee
Gebhard Wagener
12. Hypovolemic Shock
Paul David Weyker
Christopher Allen-John Webb
Tricia E. Brentjens
13. Obstructive Shock
Julia Sobol
Jack Louro
Part IV. Pulmonary Crises
John D. Mitchell
14. Introduction to pulmonary urgencies and emergencies
John D. Mitchell
Marek Brzezinski
15. Difficult Airway
Romina G. Ilic
16. Laryngospasm
Cory M. Furse
Matthew D. McEvoy
17. Aspiration Pneumonitis
Agnieszka Trzcinka
18. Physiologic Airflow Disruption: Bronchospasm, Obstructive Lung Disease, Asthma, and Status Asthmaticus
Kinza Sentissi
Stephanie Yacoubian
19. Mechanical Airflow Disruption
Alissa Sodickson
James Hardy
20. Disruption of Diffusion: Inflammation
Shahzad Shaefi
Aaron Mittel
21. Disruption of Diffusion: Air Space Disease
Nayema Khan
John Pawlowski
22. Pneumothorax
Jennifer Oliver
K. Annette Mizuguchi
23. Hypoxia during anesthesia: machine and monitor issues
Natacha Zamor
24. Airway Fire
Ju-Mei Ng
Part V. Metabolic and Endocrine Crises
Stephen F. Dierdorf
25. Introduction to Metalbolic and Endocrine Diseases
Stephen F. Dierdorf
Section A. Metabolic Disturbances
26. Malignant Hyperthermia
Christopher L. Heine
27. Porphyria
Stephen F. Dierdorf
28. Undiagnosed Pheochromocytoma
Andrew F. Stasic
29. Perioperative Adrenal Crisis
Jing Tao
Jeffrey J. Schwartz
30. Cushing's Disease
Doris M. Hardacker
Section B. Endocrine Disturbances
31. Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Anne Newcomer
Michael Gropper
32. Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar State (HHS)
Shamsuddin Akhtar
33. Hypoglycemia
Doris M. Hardacker
34. Thyrotoxicosis
Nichole D. Horn
35. Myxedematous Coma
Jacquelyn E. Allison
Julie D. Dunlap
36. Acute Liver Failure
Cynthia Wang
Michelle Y. Braunfeld
Section C. Electrolyte Disturbances
37. Hyperkalemia/Hypokalemia
Stephen F. Dierdorf
38. Hyponatremia/Hypernatremia
Brian N. Egan
39. Hypocalcemia/Hypercalcemia
Stephen F. Dierdorf
40. Hypomagnesemia/Hypermagnesemia
Aali Shah
Part VI. Obstetric Crises
Rachel M. Kacmar
41. Introduction to Peripartum Urgencies and Emergencies for the Anesthesia Provider
Rachel M. Kacmar
Section A. Maternal collapse
42. Obstetric Life Support: PEA/Asystole and Pulseless VT/VF
Nathaniel N. Hsu
Richard C. Month
43. Perimortem Cesarean Delivery for Maternal Cardiac Arrest
Benjamin Cobb
Steven Lipman
44. STAT Caesarean Delivery - Preparation, Planning, & Team Performance
Michael G. Richardson
Section B. Cardiac Crises
45. High or total spinal/epidural
Feyce Peralta
46. Peripartum cardiomyopathy
Emily J. Baird
47. Peripartum Embolism
Elizabeth M. S. Lange
Paloma Toledo
48. Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS) and Sepsis
in the Pregnant Patient
Daria M. Moaveni
49. Severe Preeclampsia
Uma Sasso
Emily McQuaid-Hanson
50. Severe Peripartum Hemorrhage
Joy L. Hawkins
51. Valvular Disease: Specific Considerations for Management during Labor and Delivery
Shobana Chandrasekhar
C. LaToya Mason
52. Vessels: Coronary Artery Disease in Pregnancy and Peripartum Acute Coronary Syndrome
Eleni Kotsis
Jamie M. Zorn
Grace Lim
53. Voltage Disturbances During Pregnancy
Heather C. Nixon
Section C. Pulmonary/Airway Crises
54. Difficult airway: special considerations in pregnancy
Rania Elkhateb
Jill M. Mhyre
55. Asthma and Pregnancy
Grant C. Lynde
Section D. Neurologic Crises
56. Stroke/Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and Pregnancy
Cristina Wood
57. Post-Dural Puncture Headache (PDPH)
Phil Rubin
Section E. Metabolic/Endocrine Crises
58. Diabetic Emergencies in Pregnancy
Maribeth Guletz
Rebecca Minehart
Section F. Toxins
59. Magnesium Toxicity
Anthony T. Chau
60. Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity in Pregnancy
Brian F. S. Allen
Part VII. Neurologic Crises
Lorri A. Lee
61. Introduction to Acute Neurologic Events in the Perioperative Period
Lorri A. Lee
Section A. Cerebral Origin
62. Delirium
Bret D. Alvis
Christopher G. Hughes
63. Nontraumatic Intracranial Hemorrhage
Deepak Sharma
Julia Metzner
64. Acute Stroke
Laurel E. Moore
65. Postoperative Visual Loss
Lorri A. Lee
66. Seizure or Status Epilepticus
Neha Aggarwala
Pirjo H. Manninen
67. Traumatic Brain Injury - Traumatic Subdural Hemorrhage/Epidural Hemorrhage
Sheena M. Weaver
68. Refractory Intracranial Hypertension
Letha Matthews
John Barwise
69. Cerebral Salt Wasting
Mark A. Henry
Avinash B. Kumar
70. Acute Loss of Intraoperative Evoked Potential Signals
Leslie Jameson
Section B. Spinal Cord, PNS, and NMJ origin
71. Autonomic Dysreflexia
Koffi Kla
72. Neurogenic Shock
Arnoley S. Abcejo
Jeffrey J. Pasternak
73. Muscle Weakness
L. Jane Easdown
74. Nerve Injuries from Positioning and Regional Blocks
Rajnish K. Gupta
Alexandria N. Nickless
Section C. Systemic Origin
75. Hepatic Encephalopathy
Bret Alvis
Amy Robertson
Part VIII. Pediatric Crises
Scott C. Watkins
76. Introduction to Pediatric Crises
Scott C. Watkins
Section A. Cardiac Crises
77. Emergency non-cardiac surgery in the congenital heart disease patient
Marc Hassid
Amanda T. Redding
Section B. Pulmonary Crises
78. Epiglottitis, Croup, and Stridor
Michel Sabbagh
John J. Freely Jr.
79. Acute Severe Asthma and Bronchospasm
Amanda T. Redding
Marc Hassid
80. Bleeding tonsil s/p T&A resection
Michelle Sher Rovner
81. Drowning and Near Drowning
Alison M. Jeziorski
Section C. Neurologic Crises
82. Seizures and Status Epilepticus
Neha Aggarwala
Pirjo H. Manninen
Section D. Other Crises
83. Pyloric stenosis
John J. Freely Jr.
Michel Sabbagh
84. Sickle Cell Disease
Andrew Franklin
85. Hemophilia (presentation in emergency surgery)
James Matt Kynes
Part IX. Toxins
William Hand
86. Introduction to Perioperative Crisis Management: Toxins
William R. Hand
Section A. Specific Toxicities
87. Local Anesthesia Systemic Toxicity
Joel Barton
Gavin Martin
88. Beta-blocker/Calcium Channel Blocker Overdose
Christopher L. Cropsey
Patrick B. Knight
89. Cocaine Intoxication and Hypertensive Emergency
Jagan Ramamoorthy
Noreen E. Murphy
90. Coagulation System: Emergency Surgery in the Patient taking Warfarin or Low Molecular Weight Heparin
Shannon Kilkelly
91. Coagulation System: Direct Oral Anticoagulants
Christina F. Burger
Melissa L. Bellomy
Joseph J. Schlesinger
92. Opioid and Benzodiazepine Overdose
Brad Eastman
Larry Field
93. Alcohol Withdrawl
Tracy McGrane
94. Serotonin Toxicity
Patrick E. Britell
Charles M. Andrews
95. Anticholinergic Overdose
Philip Fanapour
Peggy White
Brenda G. Fahy
96. Insulin Overdose
Richard J. Novak

About the author: 

MDM: Vice Chair for Educational Affairs, Program Director, and Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center. CMF: Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, Medical University of South Carolina

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