A New History of Ireland: Ireland Under the Union, II: 1870-1921: Volume VI

ISBN : 9780199583744

W. E. Vaughan
1018 Pages
156 x 232 mm
Pub date
Apr 2010
New History of Ireland
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A New History of Ireland is the largest scholarly project in modern Irish history. In 9 volumes, it provides a comprehensive new synthesis of modern scholarship on every aspect of Irish history and prehistory, from the earliest geological and archaeological evidence, through the Middle Ages, down to the present day. Volume VI opens with a character study of the period, followed by ten chapters of narrative history, and a study of Ireland in 1914. It includes further chapters on the economy, literature, the Irish language, music, arts, education, administration and the public service, and emigration.


Introduction: Ireland, 1870-1921
1. Isaac Butt and the Home Rule Party, 1870-77
2. The Land War and the Politics of Distress, 1877-82
3. The Parnell Era, 1883-91
4. The Aftermath of Parnell, 1891-1903
5. The Watershed, 1903-7
6. The Developing Crisis, 1907-14
7. Ireland in 1914
8. The Revolution in Train, 1914-16
9. The Rising and After
10. The New Nationalism, 1916-18
11. The War of Independence, 1919-21
12. Economic and Social History, 1850-1921
13. Literature in English, 1891-1921
14. Irish Language and Literature, 1845-1921
15. Visual Arts and Society, 1850-1900
16. Visual Arts and Society, 1900-21
17. Music and Society, 1850-1921
18. Pre-University Education, 1870-1922
19. Higher Education, 1793-1908
20. Administration and the Public Services, 1870-1921
21. Emigration, 1871-1921
22. The Irish in Britain, 1871-1921
23. The Irish in Australia and New Zealand, 1870-1990
24. The Remaking of Irish-America, 1845-80

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