Principles of X-ray Crystallography

ISBN : 9780199569045

Li-ling Ooi
176 Pages
190 x 246 mm
Pub date
Dec 2009
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X-ray crystallography has long been a powerful tool in the elucidation of the three-dimensional structures of small molecules and macromolecules. Yet, despite its power, it is a technically challenging subject which those new to the technique often find daunting. Principles of X-ray Crystallography provides a clear, succinct guide to the three-dimensional world of molecules, which is perfect for anyone encountering the technique for the first time. Using a direct and simple writing voice, and enriching the text with real examples, diagrams, exercises, and activities, it seeks to engage the reader in the challenge of visualizing three-dimensional structures, rather than daunting them with excessive theoretical detail. Drawing on valuable experience gained from teaching this subject to undergraduates, the author adopts a tutorial-type approach that leads the reader through key concepts in a carefully-structured and evenly-paced manner, providing the right level of detail to ensure clarity, without overwhelming them with information. With an understanding of three-dimensional structure being so central to the understanding of molecular function, Principles of X-ray Crystallography is the perfect guide for anyone needing to gain a working insight into x-ray crystallography. Online Resource Centre The Online Resource Centre accompanying Principles of X-ray Crystallography features: For registered adopters of the book: * Figures from the book in electronic format, ready to download * PowerPoint slide sets for each chapter For students: * A library of annotated web links * Datasets related to topics discussed in the book


1. An Introduction to the Method
2. The Crystal Construct
3. Symmetry Elements
4. Space Groups
5. Systematic Absences in Crystal Data
6. Structure Solution
7. Refining Crystal Data
8. The Crystallographic Experiment
9. Publishing Crystal Data

About the author: 

Dr Li-ling Ooi is a freelance science writer, having previously been a Lecturer in Structural Chemistry at the University of Bath, UK.

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