Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologiae: A Guide and Commentary

ISBN : 9780199380626

Brian Davies
472 Pages
162 x 239 mm
Pub date
Oct 2014
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This book is a detailed account of and commentary on Thomas Aquinas's most influential work: the Summa Theologiae. Intended for students and general readers interested in medieval philosophy and theology, the book will also appeal to professors and scholars, although it does not presuppose any previous knowledge of its subject. Following a scholarly account of Aquinas's life, the book explores his purposes in writing the Summa Theologiae and works systematically through each of its three Parts. It also relates their contents and Aquinas's teachings to that of other works and other thinkers both theological and philosophical. In addition to being expository, the volume aims to help readers think about the value of the Summa Theologiae for themselves. The concluding chapter considers the impact Aquinas's best-known work has had since its first appearance, and why it is still studied today. Davies's study is a solid and reflective introduction both to the Summa Theologiae and to Aquinas in general.


1. Setting the Summa Theologiae
2. Sacred Teaching (1a,1)
3. Knowing That God Exists (1a,1,2)
4. The Divine Nature: Part 1 (1a,3-13)
5. The Divine Nature: Part 2 (1a,14-26)
6. The Divine Trinity (1a,27-43)
7. Creation, Good, and Evil (1a,44-49)
8. Angels and the Days of Creation (1a,50-74)
9. Human Beings and Divine Government (1a,75-119)
10. Happiness, Human Action, and Morality (1a2ae,1-21)
11. Emotions (1a2ae,22-48)
12. Dispositions, Virtues, Gifts, Beatitudes and Fruits (1a2ae,49-70)
13. Sin (1a2ae,71-85)
14. Law, Old Law, New Law, and Grace (1a2ae,90-114)
15. Faith, Hope, and Charity (2a2ae,1-46)
16. Prudence, Justice, and Injustice (2a2ae,47-79)
17. Religion and Other Matters to do With Justice (2a2ae,80-122)
18. Courage and Temperance (2a2ae,123-170)
19. Freely Given Graces, Kinds of Life, and States of Life (2a2ae,171-189)
20. God Incarnate (3a,1-26)
21. The Life, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Christ (3a,27-59)
22. The Sacraments of the Christian Church (3a,60-90)
23. Epilogue
Appendix: The Summa Theologiae at a Glance

About the author: 

Brian Davies is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Fordham University, New York, and Honorary Professor at Australian Catholic University.

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