Child & Adolescent Development

ISBN : 9780195999792

Joanne Hardman
416 Pages
167 x 242 mm
Pub date
Aug 2012
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Child and Adolescent Development introduces entry-level students of Developmental Psychology to the psychological aspects of a child's development with specific application to the South African environment featuring local case studies and examples, as well as South African research. The book adopts a socio-cultural perspective to development, deriving theoretically from the work of Vygotsky and Luria. This is particularly useful in the South African context as it focuses on how the socio-cultural context shapes (and is shaped by) the child's developing cognitive functions. The book also focuses on developing students' cognitive skills by building conceptual bridges and using accessible language.


Part 1: Theoretical overview
1: Understanding human development
2: Theories of development

Part 2: Stages of development
3: Prenatal (0-2 yrs)
4: Infancy
5: Early childhood development
6: Middle childhood
7: Adolescence

Part 3: Contextualising contemporary themes in childhood development
8: Children and childhood in South Africa
9: Career development
10: Poverty alleviation
11: Children and violence
12: Children and health

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