The Neuropsychology Fact-Finding Casebook: A Training Resource

ISBN : 9780199350605

Kirk J. Stucky; Shane S. Bush
328 Pages
223 x 281 mm
Pub date
Mar 2017
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Formal training in clinical neuropsychology introduces trainees to diverse patient populations with a variety of conditions and disorders. Learning to competently apply a structured, fact-finding approach to case conceptualization, differential diagnosis, and treatment planning is an essential goal at all levels of training. This approach provides a valuable exercise and method of examining practitioner competence. The structured approach to case analysis promotes good clinical decision making, and exercises based on such an approach can help prepare clinicians for the oral exams that are a part of board certification. The Neuropsychology Fact-Finding Casebook is a resource for both supervisors and trainees in clinical neuropsychology, as well as for clinicians preparing for board certification. The volume provides 24 compelling and diverse fact-finding cases, one for each month of a two-year residency. Each case is presented in a stepwise fashion: presenting problem and referral question, background information and patient report, behavioral observations, and test findings. At the end of each case, a summary, diagnostic impression, recommendations, and questions are provided to assess, reinforce, and teach core competencies; an outcome section describes what occurred after the full case evaluation is completed; and critical teaching points are discussed. This Casebook is a standardized approach to fact-finding that training programs at various levels can use to help trainees develop such evaluation skills.


Preface and Acknowledgments

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Fact-Finding Exercise: A training Template
Chapter 3: Fact-Finding Exercises: Interpretation Guidelines
Chapter 4: The Fact-Finding Exercise: Supervisory considerations
Case 1: Mr. Alexander (73 y/o M) Emergency medicine referral
Case 2: Mrs. Napoleon (66 y/o F) Primary care physician referral
Case 3: Mr. Caesar (34 y/o M) Primary care physician referral
Case 4: Mr. Washington (43 y/o M) Workers compensation referral
Case 5: Mrs. Bismark (60 y/o F) Neurologist referral
Case 6: Mrs. Arc (60 y/o F) Inpatient psychiatrist referral
Case 7: Dr. William (33 y/o M) Residency program referral
Case 8: Mrs. Lincoln (69 y/o F) Inpatient internal medicine referral
Case 9: Mr. Thatcher (25 y/o M) Physiatrist referral
Case 10: Mrs. Churchill (84 y/o F) Neurologist referral
Case 11: Mr. King (31 y/o M) Social Work referral
Case 12: Mrs. Mandela (76 y/o F) Primary care physician referral
Case 13: Mr. Jefferson (51 y/o F) Neurologist referral
Case 14: Mr. Franklin ( 68 y/o M) Primary care physician referral
Case 15: Mrs. Kennedy (84 y/o F) Neurology referral
Case 16: Mr. Lee (33 Y/o M) Self referral
Case 17: Mrs. Roosevelt (77 y/o F) Geriatrician referral
Case 18: Mrs. Teresa (51 y/o F) Primary care physician referral
Case 19: Ms. Ochoa (26 y/o F) Physiatrist referral
Case 20: Ms. Madison (48 y/o F) Fitness for duty evaluation referral
Case 21: Dr. Phule (55 y/o F) Insurance company - independent exam referral
Case 22: Mr. Adams (53 y/o M) Primary care physician referral
Case 23: Mr. Garcia Marquez (58 y/o M) Psychiatrist referral
Case 24: Mr. Leif (55 y/o M) Primary care physician referral

Appendix A: Supervisors Master Case List
Appendix B: Neuropsychological Measures & Abbreviations by Domain
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About the author: 

Kirk J. Stucky, PsyD, ABPP, is the Director of Rehabilitation Psychology and Neuropsychology at Hurley Medical Center. He is the acting Chairman of the Department of Psychology and member of the hospital Medical Executive, Ethics, Conduct and Procedures, and Credentials committees. He co-edited the Neuropsychology Study Guide & Board Review (OUP 2014).; Shane S. Bush, PhD, ABPP, is Director of Long Island Neuropsychology, P.C. He is board certified in clinical neuropsychology, rehabilitation psychology, clinical psychology, and geropsychology. He is the author of numerous books, including Ethical Decision Making in Clinical Neuropsychology (OUP 2007).

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