On Being a Therapist (5th edition)

ISBN : 9780190641542

Jeffrey Kottler
320 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Apr 2017
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For more than thirty years, On Being a Therapist has inspired generations of mental health professionals to explore the most private and sacred aspects of their work helping others. In this thoroughly revised and updated fifth edition, Jeffrey Kottler explores many of the challenges that therapists face in their practices today, including pressures from increased technology, economic realities, and advances in theory and technique. He also explores the stress factors that are brought on from managed care bureaucracy, conflicts at work, and clients' own anxiety and depression. This new edition includes updated sources, new material on technology, new problems that therapists face, and two new chapters: "On Being a Therapeutic Storyteller-and Listener" and "On Being a Client: How to Get the Most from Therapy." Generations of students and practitioners in counseling, clinical psychology, social work, psychotherapy, marriage and family therapy, and human services have found comfort and confidence in On Being a Therapist, and this Fifth Edition - intended to be the author's last major update to the seminal work - only builds upon this solid foundation as it continues to educate helping professionals everywhere.



Chapter 1: The Therapist's Journey
Chapter 2: Struggles for Power and Influence
Chapter 3: Personal and Professional Lives
Chapter 4: On Being a Therapeutic Storyteller-and Listener
Chapter 5: How Clients Change Their Therapists
Chapter 6: Hardships of Therapeutic Practice
Chapter 7: Being Imperfect, Living with Failure
Chapter 8: Patients Who Test Our Patience
Chapter 9: Boredom and Burnout
Chapter 10: That which is Not Said
Chapter 11: Lies We Tell Ourselves-and Others
Chapter 12: Alternative Therapies for Therapists
Chapter 13: Toward Creativity and Personal Growth
Chapter 14: On Being a Client: How to Get the Most from Therapy

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About the author: 

Jeffrey A. Kottler, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Counseling at California State University - Fullerton, and President of Empower Nepali Girls, an organization that provides educational scholarships for at-risk children in Nepal. He has served as a Fulbright Scholar and Senior Lecturer in Peru (1980) and Iceland (2000), and worked as a Visiting Professor in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Nepal.

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