Integrative Environmental Medicine

ISBN : 9780190490911

Aly Cohen; Frederick S. Vom Saal; Andrew Weil
416 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Mar 2017
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At no other time in human existence has there been so many environmental changes. Over 87,000 chemicals are now commercially available in the U.S., almost all of which have not been tested for safety, particularly in young children and the growing fetus.The number and quantity of chemicals has continued to increase since World War II-and so too has the incidence of many chronic health problems, such as Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, thyroid disease, asthma, allergy, autoimmune disease, autism, ADHD, and several cancers. Many studies have revealed that exposure to chemicals and radiation in our everyday environment may increase risk for these conditions. Integrateve Environmental Medicine examines the history and changing landscape of our environment in the U.S. and shares up-to-date research and information on ways to reduce exposures and reduce health risks. This text explores the unique properties of many chemicals and their ability to deceive the human body's normal workings, affecting everything from thyroid and autoimmune disease risk, to cancer development, to developmental issues in children, and even the development of diabetes and weight gain through gut bacteria manipulation. We discuss topics of improving regulations and appropriate testing for chemicals, remediation of environmental catastrophes, and designing healthier products for the future. Finally, we discuss best practices for clinicians to ascertain exposure history and teach patients how to avoid harmful exposures and help their body eliminate contaminates through better dietary and lifestyle practices. Throughout this book, we share vetted, practical resources and tools-including websites, phone apps, physician and patient hand-outs-to help healthcare practitioners facilitate healthier choices for themselves and their patients. This text is unique in that it offers tangible, practical information that can easily be integrated into the daily work flow of patient clinical care; websites, phone apps, physician and patient handouts and printable lists.


Foreword vii
Preface ix
Contributors xiii
Section 1 History and Overview of Environmental Chemicals
1. The Age of Chemicals in the 21st Century: New Inventions,
New Problems
Carol F. Kwiatkowski
2. The Plastic Age: Worldwide Contamination, Sources of Exposure,
and Human Health Consequences
Charles Moore and Sarah S. Mosko
3. Environmental Chemicals and their Effects on Human Physiology
Joel A. Maruniak
Section 2 Sources and Clinical Aspects of Environmental Exposures
4. Sources of Contaminants in the Home: Indoor Air Quality and
Human Health
James S. Denninghoff and Frederick S. vom Saal
5. Chemical Water Pollution and Human Health
Christopher P. Weis and Donald E. Tillitt
6. Diet, Environmental Chemicals, and the Gut Microbiome
Marvin M. Singh and Gerard E. Mullin
7. Interaction of Pharmaceuticals with Environmental Chemicals
Anderson J. Martino- Andrade and Shanna H. Swan
8. Pesticides and Neurodegenerative Disorders
John W. McBurney
9. Disinfection in the 21st Century: Is There Harm in Being Clean?
Patricia A. Hunt, Terry C. Hrubec, and Vanessa E. Melin
vi Contents
10. Microwave/ Radiofrequency Radiation and Human Health:
Clinical Management in the Digital Age
Devra Davis, Margaret E. Sears, Anthony B. Miller, and Riina Bray
Section 3 Regulatory Issues, Exposure Mitigation,
and Resources for Clinicians and Patients
11. Food Additives: Health Consequences of Regulatory
Oversight Failure
Maricel V. Maffini and Sarah Vogel
12. Classic Toxicology vs. New Science: Unique Issues of
Endocrine- Disrupting Chemicals
Laura N. Vandenberg
13. Sustainable Chemistry: Addressing Low-Dose Adverse Effects
Through Contaminant Remediation and Design of Safe Products
for Our Future
Genoa R. Warner and Terrence J. Collins
14. Proactive Approaches to Reduce Environmental Exposures:
Avoidance, Lifestyle Changes, and Practical Resources
Aly Cohen

About the author: 

AC: Founder and Director, Integrative Rheumatology Associates, Monroe Township, NJ. FSVS: Curators' Professor, Division of Biological Sciences, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

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