International Politics and Institutions in Time

ISBN : 9780198744092

Orfeo Fioretos
368 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Mar 2017
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International Politics and Institutions in Time is the definitive exploration, by a group of leading international relations scholars, of the contribution of the historical institutionalism tradition for the study of international politics. Historical institutionalism is a counterpoint to the rational choice and sociological traditions of analysis in the study of international institutions, bringing particular attention to how timing and sequence of past events, path dependence, and other processes impact distributions of global power, policy choices, and the outcome of international political battles. This book places particular emphasis on the sources of stability and change in major international institutions, such as those shaping state sovereignty and global governance, including in the areas of international organization, law, political economy, human rights, environment, and security. Featuring work by pioneering scholars, the volume is the most comprehensive collection to date on historical institutionalism in IR. It is projected to be of interest to multiple audiences including the international relations community, to historians, especially as that field is experiencing its own 'international' and 'global' turns, as well as sociologists and economists who work on institutions and international affairs.


I. Introduction
1 Orfeo Fioretos: Institutions and Time in International Relations

II. States and Institutions in Time
2 Stephen D. Krasner: The Persistence of State Sovereignty
3 G. John Ikenberry: The Rise, Character, and Evolution of International Orders
4 Abraham L. Newman: Sequencing, Layering, and Feedbacks in Global Regulation
5 Tine Hanrieder and Michael Zurn: Reactive Sequences in Global Health Governance
6 Joseph Jupille, Walter Mattli, and Duncan Snidal: Dynamics of Institutional Choice
7 Henry Farrell and Martha Finemore: Global Institutions without a Global State

III. Changes and Continuities in International Cooperation
8 Etel Solingen and Wilfred Wan: International Security: Critical Junctures, Developmental Pathways, and Institutional Change
9 Judith Goldstein and Robert Gulotty: The Limits of Institutional Reform in the United States and the Global Trade Regime
10 Eric Helleiner: Incremental Origins of the Bretton Woods
11 Kathryn Sikkink: Latin America and the Idea of the International Protection of Human Rights
12 Karen J. Alter: The Evolution of International Law and Courts
13 Manuela Moschella and Catherine Weaver: Bounded Reform in Global Economic Governance at the IMF and World Bank
14 Steven Bernstein and Hamish van der Ven: Continuity and Change in Global Environmental Politics

IV. Conclusion
15 Robert O. Keohane: Observations on the Promise and Pitfalls of Historical Institutionalism in International Relations

About the author: 

Orfeo Fioretos is Associate Professor of Political Science at Temple University, Philadelphia. He is co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of Historical Institutionalism (with Tulia G. Falleti and Adam Sheingate, OUP, 2016) and author of Creative Reconstructions: Multilateralism and European Varieties of Capitalism After 1950 (Cornell University Press, 2011).

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