Revision Notes for the FRCEM Primary (2nd Revised edition)

ISBN : 9780198765875

Mark Harrison
608 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Feb 2017
Oxford Specialty Training: Revision Texts
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Everything you need to pass FRCEM Primary is in this book. Based on the popular and successful Revision Notes for the MCEM Part A this new edition is mapped against the new FRCEM Primary syllabus. Addressing the basic sciences as they apply to Emergency Medicine and recent exam topics such as clinical trials and statistics, all components of the exams are covered. Written in a revision notes style, lists, bullets points and tables help candidates to absorb information and revise efficiently. This new edition includes more anatomy illustrations to bring the text to life and aid understanding. The author, a successful FCEM candidate and Consultant in Emergency Medicine, brings his considerable experience to this text. Complete, refreshed and improved, Revision Notes for the FRCEM Primary is the ideal companion for all FRCEM candidates.


SECTION A: Anatomy
A1 Upper limb
A2 Lower limb
A3 Thorax
A4 Abdomen
A5 The Head and neck
A6 Central nervous system
A7 Cranial nerve lesions

SECTION B: Medical microbiology: Principles of microbiology
B1 Natural and innate immunity
B2 Mechanisms of disease
B3 Controlling infection
B4 Principles of investigation
B5 Principles of immunization

SECTION C:Medical microbiology: Specific pathogen groups
C1 Streptococci and Staphylococci
C2 Tuberculosis
C3 Clostridial infection
C4 Neisseria
C5 Pertussis
C6 Klebsiella, Salmonella, E. coli
C7 Gram negative gastrointestinal disease
C8 Legionella
C9 Pseudomonas
C10 Chlamydia
C11 Herpes simplex and zoster
C13 Hepatitis
C14 Measles, mumps, rubella
C15 Respiratory viruses
C16 Gastrointestinal viruses
C17 Yeasts and fungi
C18 Worms
C19 Malaria

SECTION D: Physiology
D1 Basic cellular physiology
D2 Respiratory physiology
D3 Cardiovascular physiology
D4 Gastrointestinal physiology
D5 Renal physiology
D6 Endocrine physiology

SECTION E: Pharmacology
E1 Gastrointestinal system
E2 Cardiovascular system
E3 Respiratory system
E4 Central nervous system
E5 Infections
E6 Endocrine system
E7 Fluids and electrolytes
E8 Musculoskeletal system
E9 Immunological products and vaccines
E10 Anaesthesia

SECTION F: Pathophysiology
F1 Respiratory
F2 Cardiovascular system
F3 Neurology
F4 Renal
F5 Haematological system
F6 Metabolic response to insult

SECTION G: Pathology
G1 Inflammatory response
G2 Immune response
G3 Infection
G4 Wound healing
G5 Haematology

SECTION H: Evidence based medicine
H1 Types of Trials
H2 Blinding
H3 Bias
H4 Statistical terms
H5 Normal Distribution
H6 2x2 Contingency table
H7 Risks
H8 Errors

About the author: 

Dr Mark Harrison graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2002, and trained in the North East of England. He was appointed a Consultant in Emergency Medicine in 2011.

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