Applied Ecology: Monitoring, Managing and Conserving

ISBN : 9780198723288

Anne Goodenough; Adam Hart
408 Pages
195 x 265 mm
Pub date
Feb 2017
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We live in a complex and dynamic world. Understanding how to monitor, manage and conserve species and habitats - the goal of applied ecology - is of ever-increasing importance. Applied Ecology shows students how an understanding of ecological theory can be used to address the most important issues facing ecologists today. Its explicitly problem-solving approach reflects the reality of using ecological tools and approaches in applied contexts, while also highlighting the key ecological theories that underpin those applications to make the link between theory and practice clear. With an emphasis throughout on the realities of applying ecological theory, the book features interviews with a range of leading applied ecologists, and over 30 case studies to give students a clear sense of contemporary applied ecology in action. In addition, over 20 Hot Topic panels capture issues and approaches at the forefront of current practice. Online Resource Centre: The Online Resource Centre to accompany Applied Ecology features: For students: - Twelve bonus case studies to augment those featured in the book - Extended versions of the Interviews with Applied Ecologists that appear in the book For lecturers: - Problem-solving activities for use in a workshop, seminar, or tutorial setting - Figures from the book in digital format, for use in lecture presentations


Part 1 Overview
1 Introducing Applied Ecology
2 Fundamentals of Ecology

Part 2 Monitoring
3 Ecological Surveying and Monitoring
4 Ecological Indicators

Part 3 Managing
5 Ecological Impact Assessment
6 Remediation Ecology
7 Managing Species over Space
8 Non-native Species
9 Managing pests and pest control

Part 4 Conserving
10 Principles of Conservation
11 In-situ conservation
12 Ex-situ conservation
13 Reintroduction/rewilding

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