The Oxford History of Anglicanism: Partisan Anglicanism and its Global Expansion 1829-C.1914: Volume III

ISBN : 9780199699704

Rowan Strong
528 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Feb 2017
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The Oxford History of Anglicanism is a major new and unprecedented international study of the identity and historical influence of one of the world's largest versions of Christianity. This global study of Anglicanism from the sixteenth century looks at how was Anglican identity constructed and contested at various periods since the sixteenth century; and what was its historical influence during the past six centuries. It explores not just the ecclesiastical and theological aspects of global Anglicanism, but also the political, social, economic, and cultural influences of this form of Christianity that has been historically significant in western culture, and a burgeoning force in non-western societies today. The chapters are written by international experts in their various historical fields which includes the most recent research in their areas, as well as original research. The series forms an invaluable reference for both scholars and interested non-specialists. Volume three of The Oxford History of Anglicanism explores the nineteenth century when Anglicanism developed into a world-wide Christian communion, largely, but not solely, due to the expansion of the British Empire. By the end of this period an Anglican Communion had come into existence as a diverse conglomerate of often competing Anglican identities with their often unresolved tensions and contradictions, but also with some measure of genuine unity. The volume examines the ways the various Anglican identities of the nineteenth century are both metropolitan and colonial constructs, and how they influenced the wider societies in which they formed Anglican Churches.


List of Contributors
Series Introduction
1 Rowan Strong: Introduction
2 John Wolffe: British and European Anglicanism
3 Stewart J Brown: Anglicanism in the British Empire, 1829-1910
4 Carol Engelhardt Herringer: Anglicanism beyond the British Empire, 1829-1910
5 Rowan Strong: Anglicanism and the State in the Nineteenth Century
6 Brian Stanley: Anglican Missionary Societies and Agencies in the Nineteenth Century
7 Robert M. Andrews: High Church Anglicanism in the Nineteenth Century
8 Andrew Atherstone: Anglican Evangelicalism
9 James Pereiro: The Oxford Movement and Anglo-Catholicism
10 Mark D. Chapman: Liberal Anglicanism in the Nineteenth Century
11 Peter W. Williams: Anglicanism in North America and the Caribbean in the Nineteenth Century
12 Emma Wild-Wood: Anglicanism in Sub-Saharan Africa c
13 Duane Alexander Miller: Anglican Mission in the Middle East up to 1910
14 Robert Eric Frykenberg: Episcopal Establishment in India to 1914
15 Philip L. Wickeri: Anglicanism in China and East Asia, 1819-1912
16 Hilary M. Carey: Anglicanism in Australia c
17 Allan K. Davidson: Anglicanism in New Zealand and the South Pacific
18 David Rock: Anglicanism in Latin America, 1810-1918
19 Jeremy Dibble: Music and Anglicanism in the Nineteenth Century: A Via Media
20 Ayla Lepine: Anglican Art and Architecture, c
21 Diarmid A. Finnegan: Anglicans, Science, and the Bible in the Nineteenth Century
22 Susan Mumm: The Feminization of Nineteenth-Century Anglicanism
23 Jane Garnett: Anglican Economic and Social Engagement

About the author: 

Rowan Strong is Professor of Church History in the Theology department of Murdoch University, Australia. He has degrees from New Zealand in history and theology from universities in New Zealand and Australia, and received his PhD in Ecclesiastical History from the University of Edinburgh. His previous publications include Alexander Penrose Forbes:The First Tractarian Bishop (Oxford, 1995), Episcopalianism in Nineteenth-Century Scotland: Religious Responses to a Modernizing Society (Oxford, 2002).

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