The Oxford Handbook of Music Making and Leisure

ISBN : 9780190244705

Gareth Dylan Smith; Roger Mantie
696 Pages
171 x 248 mm
Pub date
Feb 2017
Oxford Handbooks
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Music has been a vital part of leisure activity across time and cultures. Contemporary commodification, commercialization, and consumerism, however, have created a chasm between conceptualizations of music making and numerous realities in our world. From a broad range of perspectives and approaches, this handbook explores avocational involvement with music as an integral part of the human condition. The chapters in The Oxford Handbook of Music Making and Leisure present myriad ways for reconsidering and refocusing attention back on the rich, exciting, and emotionally charged ways in which people of all ages make time for making music. The contexts discussed are broadly Western, including an eclectic variety of voices from scholars across fields and disciplines, framing complex and multifaceted phenomena that may be helpfully, enlighteningly, and perhaps provocatively framed as music making and leisure. This volume may be viewed as an attempt to reclaim music making and leisure as a serious concern for, amongst others, policy makers, scholars, and educators who perhaps risk eliding some or even most of the ways in which music - a vital part of human existence - is integrated into the everyday lives of people. As such, this handbook looks beyond the obvious, asking readers to consider anew, "What might we see when we think of music making as leisure?"


1. Roger Mantie and Gareth Dylan Smith
Grasping the Jellyfish of Music Making and Leisure

2. Marie McCarthy
Creating a Framework for Music Making and Leisure: Max Kaplan Leads the Way
3. Susan Hallam, Andrea Creech, and Maria Varvarigou
Well-Being And Music Leisure Activities Through The Lifespan: A Psychological Perspective
4. Abigail D'Amore and Gareth Dylan Smith
Aspiring to Music Making as Leisure through the Musical Futures Classroom
5. Adam Patrick Bell
D.I.Y. Recreational Recording as Music Making
6. Joseph Pate and Brian Kumm
Contemplating Compilations: An Invitation to . . .
7. David Lines
While My Guitar Gently Weeps: Music Education and Guitar as Leisure
8. Kevin Rathunde and Russell Isabella
Playing Music and Identity Development in Middle Adulthood: A Theoretical and Autoethnographic Account
9. Gareth Dylan Smith
(Un)popular Music Making and Eudaimonism

10. Stephanie Pitts
The Violin in the Attic: Investigating the Long-Term Value of Lapsed Musical Participation
11. Sidsel Karlsen
Leisure-time Music Activities from the Perspective of Musical Agency: The Breaking Down of a Dichotomy
12. Jennie Henley
The Musical Lives of Self-confessed Non-musicians
13. Zack Moir
Popular Music Making and Young People: Leisure, Education and Industry
14. Andy Krikun
Perilous Blessing of Leisure: Music and Leisure in the United States, 1890-1945
15. Valerie L. Vaccaro
A Consumer Behavior-Influenced Multi-Disciplinary Transcendent Model of Motivation for Music Making
16. Karl Spracklen
Developing a Cultural Theory of Music Making and Leisure: Baudrillard, the simulacra and music consumption
17. Gabby Riches
Feeling Part of the Scene: Affective Experiences of Music Making Practices and Performances within Leeds' Extreme Metal Scene
18. Serena Weren, Olga Kornienko, Gary W. Hill, and Claire Yee
Motivational and Social Network Dynamics of Ensemble Music Making: A Longitudinal Investigation of a Collegiate Marching Band

19. Robert A. Stebbins
Leisure Music Production: Its Spaces and Places
20. Hermione Ruck Keene and Lucy Green
Amateur and Professional Music-Making at Dartington International Summer School
21. Ronnie Richards
What's Your Name, Where Are You From and What Have You Had? Utopian memories of Leeds' Acid House culture in Two Acts
22. Joseph Pignato
Red Light Jams: A Place Outside of All Others
23. Brett Lashua
The Beat of a Different Drummer: Music Making as Leisure Research
24. Jenna Ward and Allan Watson
FX, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll: Engineering the Emotional Space of the Recording Studio
25. Christopher Cayari
Music Making on YouTube
26. Alberto Trobia and Fabio M. Lo Verde
Italian Amateur Pop-Rock Musicians on Facebook: Mixed Methods and New Findings in Music Making Research

27. Karen Fox
Entering Into An Indigenous Cypher: Indigenous Music-Dance Making Sings to Western Leisure
28. Jared O'Leary and Evan Tobias
Sonic Participatory Cultures within, through, and around Video Games
29. Thomas Malone
Singer's Music: Considering Sacred Harp Singing as Musical Leisure and Lived Harmony
30. Shara Rambarran
DJ Hit That Button: Amateur Laptop Musicians in Contemporary Music and Society
31. Gillian Howell, Lee Higgins, and Brydie-Leigh Bartleet
Community Music Practice: Intervention Through Facilitation
32. Roger Mantie
Leisure Grooves: An Open Letter to Charles Keil

About the author: 

Roger Mantie is Assistant Professor of Music Education at Arizona State University. Gareth Dylan Smith is Facilitator of Online Learning in Music Education at Boston University.

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