The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Buddhism

ISBN : 9780199362387

Michael K. Jerryson
760 Pages
171 x 248 mm
Pub date
Jan 2017
Oxford Handbooks
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As an incredibly diverse religious system, Buddhism is constantly changing. The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Buddhism offers a comprehensive collection of work by leading scholars in the field that tracks these changes up to the present day. Taken together, the book provides a blueprint to understanding Buddhism's past and uses it to explore the ways in which Buddhism has transformed in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The volume contains 41 essays, divided into two sections. The essays in the first section examine the historical development of Buddhist traditions throughout the world. These chapters cover familiar settings like India, Japan, and Tibet as well as the less well-known countries of Vietnam, Bhutan, and the regions of Latin America, Africa, and Oceania. Focusing on changes within countries and transnationally, this section also contains chapters that focus explicitly on globalization, such as Buddhist international organizations and diasporic communities. The second section tracks the relationship between Buddhist traditions and particular themes. These chapters review Buddhist interactions with contemporary topics such as violence and peacebuilding, and ecology, as well as Buddhist influences in areas such as medicine and science. Offering coverage that is both expansive and detailed, The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Buddhism delves into some of the most debated and contested areas within Buddhist Studies today.


Introduction: The Buddhist System in Transition
Michael Jerryson, Youngstown State University

Part I: Regions
South Asian
1. Contemporary Sri Lankan Buddhist Traditions
Mahinda Deegalle, Bath Spa University
2. Buddhism in Contemporary India
David Geary, University of British Columbia, Okanagan and
Sraman Mukherjee, Presidency University, Kolkata
3. Buddhism in Contemporary Bhutan
Samdrup Rigyal, Royal University of Bhutan and
Alyson Prude, Georgia Southern University
East Asian
4. Contemporary Chinese Buddhist Traditions
Mario Poceski, University of Florida
5. Contemporary Korean Buddhist Traditions
Mark A. Nathan, University at Buffalo, SUNY
6. Contemporary Japanese Buddhist Traditions
Elisabetta Porcu, University of Cape Town
Central Asian
7. Contemporary Tibetan Buddhism
Abraham Zablocki, Agnes Scott College
8. Contemporary Mongolian Buddhism
Vesna Wallace, University of California, Santa Barbara and
Christine Murphy, University of California, Santa Barbara
Southeast Asian
9. Contemporary Vietnamese Buddhism
Alexander Soucy, Saint Mary's University
10. Contemporary Thai Buddhism
Rachelle Scott, University of Tennessee
11. Contemporary Burmese Buddhism
Niklas Foxeus, Stockholm University
12. Contemporary Cambodian Buddhist Traditions: Seen from the Past
Ashley Thompson, SOAS, University of London
13. Contemporary Buddhism in Malaysia
Jeffrey Samuels, Western Kentucky University
14. Contemporary Lao Buddhism
Patrice Ladwig, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
15. Buddhism in Latin America
Cristina Rocha, University of Western Sydney
16. U.S. Buddhist Traditions
Joseph Cheah, University of Saint Joseph
17. European Buddhist Traditions
Laurence Cox, National University of Ireland
18. Buddhism in Africa
Michel Clasquin-Johnson, University of South Africa
19. Buddhism in Australia and the Oceania
Michelle Barker, James Cook University
20. Diasporic Buddhisms and Convert Communities
John Nelson, University of San Francisco
21. Buddhist International Organizations
Brooke Schedneck, Chiang Mai University

Part II: Modalities
Material Culture
22. Buddhist Relics and Pilgrimage
Jovan Maud, Georg-August University, Gottingen
23. Contemporary Buddhist Architecture: From reliquary to theme park
Lawrence Chua, Syracuse University
24. Contemporary Buddhism and Iconography
Jessica Patterson, University of San Diego
25. Buddhism and Media Technologies
Gregory Price Grieve, University of North Carolina, Greensboro and
Daniel Veidlinger, California State University- Chico
Social Engagement
26. Contemporary Buddhism and Ecology
Susan M. Darlington, Hampshire College
27. Buddhism, Business, and Economics
Trine Brox, University of Copenhagen
and Elizabeth Williams-Oerberg, University of Copenhagen
28. Contemporary Buddhism and Education
Vladimir Tikhonov, University of Oslo
29. Buddhism, Nationalism and Governance
Matthew J. Walton, St. Antony's College
30. Buddhism, Conflict, and Peacebuilding
Michael Jerryson, Youngstown State University
31. Contemporary Buddhism, Chanting and Music
Paul Greene, Penn State, Brandywine
32. Buddhist Healing and Taming in Tibet
Barbara Gerke, Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin
33. Contemporary Buddhism and Magic
Erick White, Cornell University
34. Contemporary Tantric Buddhist Traditions
David Gray, Santa Clara University
35. Buddhism and Death
Mark Rowe, McMaster University
36. Buddhism and Gender
Sharon Suh, Seattle University
37. Buddhism, Race, and Ethnicity
Joseph Cheah, University of Saint Joseph
38. Buddhism and Sexual Orientation
Hsiao-Lan Hu, University of Detroit Mercy
39. Buddhist Encounters with Diversity
Donald Swearer
40. Buddhism and Science as Ethical Discourse
Francisca Cho, Georgetown University
41. The Contemporary Study of Buddhism
Nathan McGovern, Dalhousie University

About the author: 

Michael Jerryson's research interests pertain to religion and identity, particularly with regard to gender, race, and class. He is the co-founder and co-chair of the American Academy of Religion's Comparative Approaches to Religion and Violence. He co-edits the Journal of Religion and Violence and serves as a senior editor of religion for the Oxford University Press' Handbook series.

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