Remade in France: Anglicisms in the Lexicon and Morphology of French

ISBN : 9780190625542

Valerie Saugera
224 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jan 2017
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Remade in France: Anglicisms in the Lexicon and Morphology of French chronicles the current status of French Anglicisms, a popular topic in the history of the French language and a compelling example of the influence of global English. The abundant data come from primary sources-a large online newspaper corpus (for unofficial Anglicisms) and the dictionary (for official Anglicisms)-and secondary sources. This book examines the appearance and behavior of English items in the lexicon and morphology of French, and explains them in the context of French neology and lexical activity. The first phase of the latest contact period (1990-2015) has its own complex linguistic characterization, including a significant influx of nonce borrowings and very low frequency Anglicisms, heterogeneous and creative borrowing outcomes, and direct phraseological borrowing. This book is a counterargument to the well-known criticism that Anglicisms are lexical polluters. On the contrary, the use of Anglicisms requires the inventive application of complex linguistic rules, and the borrowing of Anglicisms into the French lexicon is convincing proof that language change is systematic. The findings bring novel interdisciplinary insights to the domains of borrowing in a non-bilingual contact setting; global English as a source of lexical creativity in the French lexicon; the phases, patterns and processes of integration of English loanwords; the morphology of borrowing; and computational corpus linguistics. The appended database is a snapshot of a synchronic period of linguistic contact and a useful lexicographic resource.


Chapter 1. Introducing French Anglicisms
Chapter 2. Methodology: the dictionary corpus and the newspaper corpus
Chapter 3. From English to French: The making of new words
Chapter 4. Dictionary-unsanctioned Anglicisms
Chapter 5. Nominal Anglicisms in the plural and other findings
Chapter 6. Adjectival Anglicisms in the plural and other findings
Chapter 7. Conclusion: What is an Anglicism?
Database: List of dictionary-unsanctioned words and phrases of English origin used in Liberation's e-edition in 2010
General index
Index of words and phrases

About the author: 

Valerie Saugera is Associate Professor of French at the University of Connecticut.

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