Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy: No. 15

ISBN : 9780197266052

Ron Johnston
400 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Dec 2016
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The lives of the outstanding scholars celebrated in the volume often reveal unexpected personal and professional backgrounds. Taken together they build up a picture of the development of Britain's intellectual life. The Fellows of the British Academy who are remembered in this volume are (with possible additions): Lewis Binford; Richard Britnell; William Brock; Nicholas Brooks; Charles E. B. Cranfield; James Durbin; Sheppard Frere; Robert Gruffydd; Peter Hall; Anthony Hobson; Maurice Keen; Frank Kermode; Piers Mackesy; Isabel de Madariaga; Ernest Nicholson; John Shepherdson; Jon Stallworthy.


Clive Gamble: Lewis Roberts Binford
Christopher Dyer: Richard Hugh Britnell
Brian Holden Reid: William Ranulf Brock
Barbara Crawford, Simon Keynes, and Jinty Nelson: Nicholas Peter Brooks
James D. G. Dunn: Charles E. B. Cranfield
Andrew Harvey and David Bartholomew: James Durbin
R. J. A. Wilson: Sheppard Sunderland Frere
Robert M. Jones: Robert Geraint Gruffydd
Michael Batty: Peter Geoffrey Hall
David Mckitterick: Anthony Robert Alwyn Hobson
Christopher Tyerman: Maurice Hugh Keen
Michael Wood: John Frank Kermode
Michael Duffy: Piers Gerald Mackesy
Hamish Scott and Janet M. Hartley: Isabel Margaret De Madariaga
John Barton: Ernest Wilson Nicholson
John N. Crossley: John Cedric Shepherdson
Peter France: Jon Howie Stallworthy

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