The Social and Political Philosophy of Mary Wollstonecraft

ISBN : 9780198766841

Sandrine Berges; Alan M. S. J. Coffee
272 Pages
153 x 234 mm
Pub date
Nov 2016
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Interest in the contribution made by women to the history of philosophy is burgeoning. Intense research is underway to recover their works which have been lost or overlooked. At the forefront of this revival is Mary Wollstonecraft. While she has long been studied by feminists, and later discovered by political scientists, philosophers themselves have only recently begun to recognise the value of her work for their discipline. This volume brings together new essays from leading scholars, which explore Wollstonecraft's range as a moral and political philosopher of note, both taking a historical perspective and applying her thinking to current academic debates. Subjects include Wollstonecraft's ideas on love and respect, friendship and marriage, motherhood, property in the person, and virtue and the emotions, as well as the application her thought has for current thinking on relational autonomy, and animal and children's rights. A major theme within the book places her within the republican tradition of political theory and analyses the contribution she makes to its conceptual resources.


1 Sylvana Tomaselli: Reflections on Inequality, Respect and Love in the Political Writings of Mary Wollstonecraft
2 Nancy Kendrick: Mary Wollstonecraft on Marriage as Virtue Friendship
3 Martina Reuter: The Role of Passions in Mary Wollstonecraft s Concept of Virtue
4 Catriona Mackenzie: Mary Wollstonecraft: an Early Relational Autonomy Theorista?
5 Eileen Hunt Botting: Mary Wollstonecraft, Children s Human Rights and Animal Ethics
6 Laura Brace: Mary Wollstonecraft and the Properties of (Anti) Slavery
7 Philip Pettit: Republican Elements in the Thought of Mary Wollstonecraft
8 Susan James: Mary Wollstonecraft s Conception of Rights
9 Lena Halldenius: Constitutional and Political Representation in Mary Wollstonecraft s Philosophy
10 Alan Coffee: Mary Wollstonecraft, Public Reason and the Virtuous Republic
11 Sandrine Berges: Wet-nurses and Political Participation: the Republican Approaches to Motherhood of Mary Wollstonecraft and Sophie de Grouchy
12 Barbara Taylor: Mary Wollstonecraft and Modern Philosophy

About the author: 

Sandrine Berges is a philosopher working at Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. Her research interests are in Ancient moral and political philosophy, feminist history of philosophy, and feminist ethics. She has published three books: Plato, Virtue and the Law (2009), Wollstonecraft's a Vindication of the Rights of Woman (2013) and, A Feminist Perspective on Virtue Ethics (2015).; Alan Coffee is a philosopher working at King's College London. His research interests are in social and political philosophy, particularly in the areas of freedom, equality and global justice. His special interest is in recovering the political philosophy contained in women's writing in the eighteenth century and in slave narratives in the nineteenth century.

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