The Oxford Handbook of the Prehistoric Arctic

ISBN : 9780199766956

T. Max Friesen; Owen K. Mason
1000 Pages
171 x 248 mm
Pub date
Oct 2016
Oxford Handbooks
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The North American Arctic was one of the last regions on Earth to be settled by humans, due to its extreme climate, limited range of resources, and remoteness from populated areas. Despite these factors, it holds a complex and lengthy history relating to Inuit, Inupiat, Inuvialuit, Yup'ik and Aleut peoples and their ancestors. The artifacts, dwellings, and food remains of these ancient peoples are remarkably well-preserved due to cold temperatures and permafrost, allowing archaeologists to reconstruct their lifeways with great accuracy. Furthermore, the combination of modern Elders' traditional knowledge with the region's high resolution ethnographic record allows past peoples' lives to be reconstructed to a level simply not possible elsewhere. Combined, these factors yield an archaeological record of global significance-the Arctic provides ideal case studies relating to issues as diverse as the impacts of climate change on human societies, the complex process of interaction between indigenous peoples and Europeans, and the dynamic relationships between environment, economy, social organization, and ideology in hunter-gatherer societies. In the The Oxford Handbook of the Prehistoric Arctic, each arctic cultural tradition is described in detail, with up-to-date coverage of recent interpretations of all aspects of their lifeways. Additional chapters cover broad themes applicable to the full range of arctic cultures, such as trade, stone tool technology, ancient DNA research, and the relationship between archaeology and modern arctic communities. The resulting volume, written by the region's leading researchers, contains by far the most comprehensive coverage of arctic archaeology ever assembled.


Archaeology of the North American Arctic: IntroductionELT. Max Friesen and Owen K. Mason
Cross-Cutting Themes
Molecular Genetic Evidence for the Origins of North American PopulationsELRohina C. Rubicz and Michael H. Crawford
Ancient DNA and Stable Isotopes: Windows on Arctic PrehistoryELJustin Tackney, Joan Coltrain, Jennifer Raff, and Dennis O'Rourke
Zooarchaeology and the Reconstruction of Ancient Human-Animal Relationships in the ArcticELMatthew W. Betts
A Critical Resource: Wood Use and Technology in the North American ArcticELClaire Alix
Archaeological Evidence for Transport, Trade and Exchange in the North American ArcticELJeffrey T. Rasic
Palaeoeskimo Lithic TechnologyELPierre M. Desrosiers and Mikkel Sorensen
Arctic ArchaeometallurgyELH. Kory Cooper
Archaeology and Native Northerners: The Rise of Community-Based Practice Across the North American ArcticELNatasha Lyons
Western Arctic
First Traces: Late Pleistocene Human Settlement of the ArcticELTed Goebel and Ben A. Potter
The Origins and Development of Arctic Maritime Adaptations in the Pacific SubarcticELBen Fitzhugh
First Maritime Cultures of the AleutiansELRichard Davis, Richard Knecht, and Jason Rogers
Maritime Economies of the Central Gulf of Alaska after 4,000 BPELAmy Steffian, Patrick Saltonstall, and Linda Finn Yarborough
Archaeology of the Eastern Aleut RegionELHerbert D. G. Maschner
The Denbigh Flint Complex of Northern AlaskaELAndrew H. Tremayne and Jeffrey T. Rasic
The Enigmatic Choris and Old Whaling Cultures of the Western ArcticELChristyann M. Darwent and John Darwent
Norton Hunters and Fisherfolk of Southern AlaskaELDon E. Dumond
The Old Bering Sea Florescence about Bering StraitELOwen K. Mason
From the Norton Culture to the Ipiutak Cult in northwest AlaskaELOwen K. Mason
Ancient Eskimo Cultures of ChukotkaELMikhail M. Bronshtein, Kirill A. Dneprovsky, and Arkady B. Savinetsky
Thule Origins in the Old Bering Sea culture: The Inter-relationship of Punuk and Birnirk culturesELOwen K. Mason
Archaeology of the Late Western Thule/Inupiat in North Alaska (AD 1300-1750)ELAnne M. Jensen
Holocene Prehistory of the Northwestern SubarcticELBen A. Potter
The Precontact History of Subarctic Northwest CanadaELGlen MacKay and Thomas D. Andrews
Development of Mackenzie Inuit CultureELCharles Arnold
The Aleutian Tradition: The Last 4000 yearsELDebra Corbett and Michael Yarborough
Contact and Post-Contact Inupiat EthnohistoryELAnne M. Jensen and Glenn W. Sheehan
Eastern Arctic
Reconstructing Middle and Late Holocene Paleoclimates of the Eastern Arctic and GreenlandELSarah A. Finkelstein
Pan-Arctic Population Movements: The Early Paleo-Inuit and Thule Inuit MigrationsELT. Max Friesen
Pre-Dorset cultureELS. Brooke Milne and Robert W. Park
Independence I and Saqqaq: The First GreenlandersELBjarne Gronnow
Greenlandic DorsetELJens Fog Jensen
The 'Dorset Problem' Revisited - the Transitional and Early and Middle Dorset Periods in the Eastern ArcticELKaren Ryan
Late DorsetELMartin Appelt, Eric Damkjar, and T. Max Friesen
The Dorset-Thule TransitionELRobert W. Park
Classic Thule [Classic Precontact Inuit]ELPeter Whitridge
Labrador Inuit: thriving on the periphery of the Inuit worldELSusan A. Kaplan and James M. Woollett
Development of Polar Inughuit Culture in the Smith Sound RegionELGenevieve M. LeMoine and Christyann M. Darwent
Inuit-European Interactions in GreenlandELHans Christian Gullov
Thule-Inuit succession in the Central ArcticELPeter Dawson
Archaeology of the Inuit of Southern Labrador and the Quebec Lower North ShoreELWilliam W. Fitzhugh

About the author: 

T. Max Friesen is a Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto.; Owen K. Mason is a Research Affiliate at the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research.

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