The Oxford Compendium of Visual Illusions

ISBN : 9780199794607

Arthur G. Shapiro; Dejan Todorovic
880 Pages
216 x 279 mm
Pub date
Nov 2016
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Visual illusions cut across academic divides and popular interests: on the one hand, illusions provide entertainment as curious tricks of the eye; on the other hand, scientific research related to illusory phenomena has given generations of scientists and artists deep insights into the brain and principles of mind and consciousness. Numerous thinkers (including Aristotle, Descartes, Da Vinci, Escher, Goethe, Galileo, Helmholtz, Maxwell, Newton, and Wittgenstein) have been lured by the apparent simplicity of illusions and the promise that illusory phenomena can elucidate the puzzling relationship between the physical world and our perceptual reality. Over the past thirty years, advances in imaging and electrophysiology has dramatically expanded the range of illusions and enabled new forms of analysis, thereby creating new and exciting ways to consider how the brain constructs our perceptual world. The Oxford Compendium of Visual Illusions is a collection of over one hundred chapters about illusions, displayed and discussed by the researchers who invented and conducted research on the illusions. Chapters include full-color images, associated videos, and extensive references. The book is divided into eleven sections: first, a presentation of general history and viewpoints on illusions, followed by sections on geometric, color, motion, space, faces, and cross-category illusions. The book will be of interest to vision scientists, neuroscientists, psychologists, physicists, philosophers, artists, designers, advertisers, and educators curious about applied aspects of visual perception and the brain.


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Part I: Introductory General Chapters
1. Early history of illusions
Nicholas J. Wade
2. Cross-cultural Studies of Illusions
J.B. Dergowski
3. Visual Illusion in a Comparative Perspective
Kazuo Fujita, Noriyuki Nakamura, and Sota Watanabe
4. An Analysis of Theoretical Approaches to Geometrical-Optical Illusions
Barbara Gillam
5. Visual Illusions in Action
Nicola Bruno
6. Motion Illusions in Man and Machine
Cornelia Fermuller
7. The Visual World as Illusion: The Ones We Know and the Ones We Don't
Stephen Grossberg
8. Visual Illusions?
Jan Koenderink
9. Why the Concept of Visual Illusions is Misleading
Dale Purves, William T. Wojtach, R. Beau Lotto
10. Where have all the illusions gone? -- A critique of the concept of illusion
Brian Rogers

Part II: Geometrical
11. Weighted positional averaging in the illusions of the Muller-Lyer type
Aleksandr Bulatov
12. The Bar Cross Ellipse Illusion
Gideon P. Caplovitz, Alex Boswell, and Kyle Killebrew
13. The Spinning Ellipse Speed Illusion
Gideon Paul Caplovitz, Po-Jang Hsieh, Peter J. Kohler, and Katharine B. Porter
14. The Ames-window illusion and its variations
Marcel de Heer and Thomas V. Papathomas
15. Three-Dimensional Muller-Lyer Illusion: Theoretical and Practical Implications
Patricia R. DeLucia
16. Why do Hills Look so Steep?
Frank H. Durgin and Zhi Li
17. Shape from Smear: An Illusion of 3D Shape, Made by Finger-Painting with Noise
Roland W. Fleming and Daniel Holtmann-Rice
18. Geometric-optical illusions under isoluminance?
Kai Hamburger, Thorsten Hansen, and Karl R. Gegenfurtner
19. The Picture Surface Illusion: 3D Biases 2D
Sherief Hammad and John M. Kennedy
20. Cast Shadow Illusions
Daniel Kersten and Pascal Mamassian
21. Leaning Tower Illusion
Frederick A. A. Kingdom, Ali Yoonessi, and Elena Gheorghiu
22. The Invisible Saddle, or the Cap-or-Cup Illusion
Jan Koenderink, Andrea van Doorn, and Johan Wagemans
23. Symmetry and uprightness in visually-perceived shapes
Lydia Maniatis
24. Bath Tub Illusion
Lydia Maniatis
25. The Pitchroom Illusion: How High is Up?
Leonard Matin, Ethel Matin, Wenxun Li, Todd E. Hudson, and Adam Shavit
26. Geometric Illusions in the Human Face and Body
Kazunori Morikawa
27. Dynamic Illusory Size Contrast: enhanced relative size effects due to stimulus motion
Ryan E.B. Mruczek, Christopher D. Blair, Lars Strother, and Gideon P. Caplovitz
28. Size Contrast and assimilation in the Delboeuf and Ebbinghaus illusions
Ryan E.B. Mruczek, Christopher D. Blair, Lars Strother, and Gideon P. Caplovitz
29. The Occlusion, Configural Shape, and Shrinkage Illusions
Stephen E. Palmer and Karen B. Schloss
30. Reverse-perspective art and objects - Illusions in depth and motion
Thomas V. Papathomas
31. The New Moon Illusion
Brian Rogers and Stuart Anstis
32. Geometrical errors are the cost of maintaining the luminance contrast polarity
Sergio Roncato
33. Antigravity Slopes: A new type of visual illusion
Kokichi Sugihara
34. The geometrical-optical illusions of J.J. Oppel
Dejan Todorovic
35. Oppel-Kundt Illusion
Ji?i Wackermann
36. The Shifted-Chessboard Pattern as Paradigm of the Exegesis of Geometrical-optical Illusions
Gerald Westheimer

Part III: Brightness/Lightness/Color
37. A Layered Experience of Lightness and Color
Barton L. Anderson
38. Color & luminance: afterimages, combinations and flicker
Stuart Anstis
39. The White effect
Barbara Blakeslee and Mark E. McCourt
40. The Dungeon Illusion
Paola Bressan and Peter Kramer
41. The contrast contrast illusion
Charles Chubb, Joshua A. Solomon, and George Sperling
42. Illusory Color Spread from Apparent Motion
Carol M. Cicerone and Donald D. Hoffman
43. The reversed contrast Necker cube
Alessandra Galmonte and Tiziano Agostini
44. Changing the Chevreul Illusion by a Background Luminance Ramp
Janos Geier and Mariann Hudak
45. The curved grid non-illusions: eliminating Hermann's spots and Lingelbach's scintillation
Janos Geier and Mariann Hudak
46. The Staircase Gelb Illusion
Alan Gilchrist
47. The Breathing Light Illusion: illusory size and brightness variation induced by motion
Simone Gori, Enrico Giora, and D. Alan Stubbs
48. Large Shift in Brightness Induced by Motion in Context
Sang Wook Hong
49. The Chromatic Mach Card
Anya Hurlbert
50. Colour Assimilation
Frederick A. A. Kingdom
51. When light looks like paint
Frederick A. A. Kingdom
52. The Scintillating Grid
Bernd Lingelbach
53. Second-order Mach Bands, Chevreul, and Craik-O'Brien-Cornsweet Illusions
Zhong-Lin Lu and George Sperling
54. Vasarely's Nested Squares and the Alternating Brightness Star illusion
Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik
55. Grating Induction
Mark E. McCourt and Barbara Blakeslee
56. Illusory variations in apparent dot brightness induced by density modulations
Jeffrey B. Mulligan
57. On the Watercolor Illusion
Baingio Pinna
58. The Chinese lantern illusion
Sergio Roncato, Sandro Bettella, and Clara Casco
59. The Wedding Cake Illusion: Interaction of Geometric and Photometric Factors in Induced Contrast and Assimilation
Branka Spehar and Colin WG Clifford
60. Filling-in between contours
Rob van Lier
61. The glare effect
Daniele Zavagno and Olga Daneyko

Part IV: Motion-Based
62. Improbable Illusory Contours
Barton L. Anderson
63. Low-level motion illusions
Stuart Anstis
64. High-level organization of motion: Ambiguous, Primed, Sliding, & Flashed
Stuart Anstis
65. Backscroll illusion
Kiyoshi Fujimoto
66. The Rotating Tilted Lines Illusion: rotation instead of expansion, a peculiar case of motion misperception
Simone Gori
67. The enigmatic Enigma illusion
Kai Hamburger
68. The Fraser-Wilcox illusion and its extension
Akiyoshi Kitaoka
69. Induced motion
Jasmin Leveille and Arash Yazdanbakhsh
70. The Freezing Rotation Illusion
Erika N. Lorincz and Max R. Dursteler
71. Second-order Reversed Phi
Zhong-Lin Lu and George Sperling
72. Attention-generated apparent motion
Zhong-Lin Lu and George Sperling
73. Two-stroke apparent motion
George Mather
74. On the Pinna Illusion
Baingio Pinna
75. Color Wagon Wheel
Arthur Shapiro
76. The Aperture Problem: Illusions arising during the integration and segmentation of motion within and across apertures
Maggie Shiffrar
77. Paths of Apparent Human Motion Follow Motor Constraints
Maggie Shiffrar and Christina Joseph
78. The Motion Standstill Illusion
George Sperling, Son-Hee Lyu, Chia-Huei Tseng, and Zhong-Lin Lu
79. Objectless Motion: The Pedestalled Motion Paradigm
George Sperling and Zhong-Lin Lu
80. Silencing the awareness of change
Jordan W. Suchow and George A. Alvarez
81. The Kayahara Silhouette Illusion
Nikolaus F. Troje
82. The motion aftereffect
Frans A.J. Verstraten and Peter J. Bex
83. High phi and ghost phi: Extreme motion illusions
Mark Wexler
84. Stereokinetic phenomena
Mario Zanforlin
85. Motion illusions in static patterns
Johannes M. Zanker

Part V: Faces
86. The Venus Effect
Marco Bertamini and Richard Latto
87. The Hollow-mask Illusion and Variations
Thomas V. Papathomas
88. The Illusion of Sex
Richard Russell
89. The Bogart Effect
Sharon Gilad-Gutnick, Rohan Varma, and Pawan Sinha
90. The Presidential Illusion
Sharon Gilad-Gutnick and Pawan Sinha
91. About Face: The Margaret Thatcher Illusion
Peter Thompson
92. The Mona Lisa effect
Dejan Todorovic
93. The Wobbling Face Illusion
Sayako Ueda and Akiyoshi Kitaoka
94. Adaptation aftereffects in the perception of faces
Michael A. Webster

Part VI: Grouping and Organization
95. Ambiguous Figures Moving Forward
Lori J. Bernstein
96. The Scramble Illusion: Texture Metamers
Charles Chubb, Joseph Darcy, Michael S. Landy, John Econopouly, Jong-Ho Nam, Dan Bindman, and George Sperling
97. Amodally completed angles
Walter Gerbino
98. Subjective Contours
Barbara Gillam
99. The Ternus Effect
Elisabeth Hein
100. Two sinusoids: 6 - 1 perceptions
Jan Kremlacek
101. The Illusions of Numerosity
Riccardo Luccio
102. The Aperture Capture Illusion
Evan M. Palmer and Philip J. Kellman

Part VII: Attention
103. Motion-induced blindness (MIB)
Yoram Bonneh
104. Inattentional blindness and the illusion of attention
Daniel J. Simons

Part VIII: Binocular Vision/Stereopsis
105. Binocular rivalry: The illusion of disappearance
Randolph Blake
106. Stereo Rotation Standstill and Related Illusions
Max R. Dursteler and Erika N. Lorincz
107. The graph-paper effect: a moving, illusory, stereoscopic texture
Mark Georgeson

Part IX: Adaptation
108. Adaptation to brightness change, contours, jogging, and apparent motion
Stuart Anstis
109. The Color Dove illusion- chromatic filling in effect following a spatial-temporal edge
Yuval Barkan and Hedva Spitzer
110. Blur adaptation and induction
Michael A. Webster

Part X: Conflicting Scale or Other Information
111. Hybrid Image Illusion
Aude Oliva and Philippe G. Schyns
112. Contrast Asynchronies
Arthur Shapiro
113. Hidden Images
Nicholas J. Wade

Part XI: Multisensory
114. The three-dimensional Necker cube
Nicola Bruno
115. The McGurk Effect and the Primacy of Multisensory Perception
James W. Dias, Theresa C. Cook, and Lawrence D. Rosenblum

About the author: 

Arthur Shapiro, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at American University, Washington, D.C.; Dejan Todorovic, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at Belgrade University, Belgrade, Serbia.

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