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Nanoscale Device Physics: Science and Engineering Fundamentals

ISBN : 9780198759874

Sandip Tiwari
688 Pages
189 x 246 mm
Pub date
Oct 2016
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Nanoscale devices differ from larger microscale devices because they depend on the physical phenomena and effects that are central to their operation. This book illuminates the behavior of nanoscale devices by connecting them to the electronic, as well as magnetic, optical and mechanical properties, which fundamentally affect nanoscale devices in fascinating ways. Their small size means that an understanding of the phenomena measured is even more important, as their effects are so dominant and the changes in scale of underlying energetics and response are significant. Examples of these include classical effects such as single electron effects, quantum effects such as the states accessible as well as their properties; ensemble effects ranging from consequences of the laws of numbers to changes in properties arising from different magnitudes of the interactions, and others. These interactions, with the limits on size, make their physical behavior interesting, important and useful.


1 Information mechanics
2 Nanoscale transistors
3 Phenomena and devices of quantum and mesoscale
4 Phase transitions and their devices
5 Electromechanics and its devices
6 Electromagnetic-matter interactions and devices

About the author: 

Sandip Tiwari is Charles N. Mellowes Professor in Engineering at Cornell University and Visiting Professor at Universite de Paris-Sud (Orsay). His contributions to engineering have included the invention of nanocrystal memories, as a group researcher in the first demonstration of SiGe bipolar transistor and a variety of others of fundamental importance---theoretical and experimental---in electronic and optical devices, circuits and architectures. He was founding editor-in-chief of IEEE's Transactions on Nanotechnology. Among the various recognitions of his contributions are the Cledo Brunetti award of IEEE (2007), the Young Scientist Award from Institute of Physics' GaAs & Related Compounds (2003), the Distinguished Alumni award of IIT Kanpur (2002) and the fellowships of IEEE (1994) and APS (1998).

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