Late Victorian into Modern

ISBN : 9780198704393

Laura Marcus; Michele Mendelssohn; Kirsten E. Shepherd-Barr
672 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Oct 2016
Oxford Twenty-First Century Approaches to Literature
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The original essays in Oxford Twenty-First Century Approaches to Literature mean to provoke rather than reassure, to challenge rather than codify. Instead of summarizing existing knowledge scholars working in the field aim at opening fresh discussion; instead of emphasizing settled consensus they direct their readers to areas of enlivened and unresolved debate. This volume opens up, in new and innovative ways, a range of dimensions, some familiar and some more obscure, of late Victorian and modern literature and culture, primarily in British contexts. Late Victorian into Modern emphasises the in-between: the gradual changeover from one period to the next. The volume examines shared developments, points out continuities rather than ruptures, and explores and exploits an understanding of the late nineteenth to the early twentieth centuries as a cultural moment in which new knowledges were forming with particular speed and intensity. The organising principle of this book is to retain a key focus on literary texts, broadly understood to include familiar categories of genre as well as extra-textual elements such as press and publishing history, performance events and visual culture, while remaining keenly attentive to the inter-relations between text and context in the period. Individual chapters explore such topics as Celticism, the New Woman, popular fictions, literatures of empire, aestheticism, periodical culture, political formations, avant-garde poetics, and theatricality.



1 Marcus Waithe: Medievalism and Modernity
2 Jarad Zimbler: Mythology, Empire, and Narrative
3 Stefano Evangelista: Death Drives: Biology, Decadence, and Psychoanalysis
4 Daniel Williams: Celticism

Making it New
5 Christos Hadjiyiannis: Cultures of the Avant-Garde
6 Hannah Sullivan: Hannah Sullivan
7 Michael H. Whitworth: When was Modernism?
8 Sos Eltis and Kirsten Shepherd-Barr: What was the 'New Drama'?
9 Angelique Richardson: Who was the New Woman?
10 Anne Fernihough: Utopian Thought and the Way to Live Now

Modes and Genres
11 Adam Parkes: Naturalism, Realism, and Impressionism
12 Adrian Hunter: Naturalism, Realism, and Impressionism
13 Matthew Taunton: Moon Voyaging, Selenography and the Scientific Romance
14 David Glover: Super-niches?: Detection, Adventure, Exploration and Spy Stories

Sites and Spaces of Knowledge
15 Rachel Crossland: Scientific Formations
16 Tatiana Kontou: Spirit Worlds
17 Laurence Scott: Cityscapes
18 Penny Fielding: Regionalisms
19 Elleke Boehmer: The View from Empire: the Turn-of-the-Century Globalizing World

Minds and Bodies
20 William Greenslade: Race and Biology
21 Vincent J. Cheng: The Will to Forget: Amnesia, the Nation, and Ulysses
22 Dennis Denisoff: The Posthuman Spirit of the Neo-Pagan Movement
23 Tiffany Watt-Smith: Theatre and the Sciences of Mind
24 Santanu Das: The Theatre of Hands: Writing the First World War
25 Marah Gubar: Children's Literature and Literatures of Childhood
26 Jana Funke: Intersexions: Dandyism, Cross-Dressing, Transgender

Political and Social Selves
27 Ruth Livesey: Political Formations: Anarchism, Feminism, Socialism
28 Benjamin Kohlmann: 'The End of Laissez-Faire': Literature, Economics, and the Idea of the Welfare State
29 Sos Eltis: Representing Work
Authorship, Aesthetics, and Print Cultures
30 Michele Mendelssohn: Reading Aestheticism, Decadence, and Cosmopolitanism
31 James Williams: Parodies, Spoofs, and Satires
32 Max Saunders: Life-Writing: Biography, Portraits and Self-portraits, Masked Authorship and Autobiografictions
33 Faith Binckes: Journalism and Periodical Culture
34 Kamilla Elliott: The Illustrated Book

35 Laura Marcus: The Coming of Cinema
36 Kate Flint: Literature and Photography
37 Sam Halliday: Electricity, Telephony, and Communications
38 Alexander Bubb: The Residue of Modernity: Technology, Anachronism, and Bric-a-Brac in India
39 Olga Taxidou: Stagecraft: Puppets, Masks, and Machines

About the author: 

Laura Marcus is Goldsmiths' Professor of English at the University of Oxford, where she is a Professorial Fellow of New College. Her book publications include Auto/biographical Discourses: Theory, Criticism, Practice (1994), Virginia Woolf: Writers and their Work (1997/2004), The Tenth Muse: Writing about Cinema in the Modernist Period (2007; awarded the 2008 James Russell Lowell Prize of the Modern Language Association), Dreams of Modernity: Psychoanalysis, Literature, Cinema (2015), and, as co-editor, The Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century English Literature (2004). Her current research project includes a study of the concept of 'rhythm' in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in a range of disciplinary contexts.; Michele Mendelssohn is Associate Professor at University of Oxford and Deputy Director of the Rothermere American Institute. She is the author of Henry James, Oscar Wilde, and Aesthetic Culture (2007) and co-editor of Alan Hollinghurst: Writing Under the Influence (2016).; Kirsten Shepherd-Barr is Professor of English and Theatre Studies at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of St. Catherine's College. Her books include Science on Stage: From Doctor Faustus to Copenhagen (2006), Theatre and Evolution from Ibsen to Beckett (2015), and Modern Drama: A Very Short Introduction (2016).

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