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Sociocultural Theory and Second Language Learning

ISBN : 9780194421607

James P. Lantolf
302 Pages
158 x 235 mm
Pub date
Mar 2000
Oxford Applied Linguistics


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This book represents a major statement of the current research being conducted on the learning of second languages from a sociocultural perspective. The book is divided into a theoretical and an empirical part. Specific topics covered include: learning and teaching languages in the zone of proximal development; L1 mediation in the acquisition of L2 grammar; sociocultural theory as a theory of second language learning; gestural mediation in a second language; and constructing a self through a second language.


Introducing sociocultural theory ; 1. Sociocultural contributions to understanding the foreign and second language classroom ; 2. Rethinking interaction in SLA: Developmentally appropriate assistance in the zone of proximal development and the acquisition of L2 grammar ; 3. Subjects speak out: How learners position themselves in a psycholinguistic task ; 4. The output hypothesis and beyond: Mediating acquisition through collaborative dialogue ; 5. Playfulness as mediation in communicative language teaching in a Vietnamese classroom ; 6. Social discursive constructions of self in L2 learning ; 7. Second language learning as participation and the (re)construction of selves ; 8. Side affects: The strategic development of professional satisfaction ; 9. The appropriation of gestures of the abstract by L2 learners ; 10. Second language acquisition theory and the truth(s) about relativity ; 11. From input to affordance: Social-interactive learning from an ecological perspective ; Bibliography ; Index

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